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GreenMa is a french organic tea and infusions brand from Lyon. Certified organic, all herbal tea blends are made ​​from whole leaf plants in order to preserve aromas and benefits.


GreenMa offers a range of teas and infusions both natural and tasty without any artificial flavor that deprive of the true taste of these exceptional plants. GreenMa will make you rediscover the subtle taste of nature in its purest form and rediscover plants and tea exceptional properties.


For herbal teas, many of the plants are grown in France and the brand limits the environmental impact of its packaging with its very nice refillable glass packs. This practical and minimalist design provides a perfect setting for GreenMa's high quality plants blends.

 GreenMa organic tea
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  • Earl grey - Cornflowers - GreenMa GreenMa Earl grey - Cornflowers 12,50 € 8,75 € - 30%
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