Cosmebio is a French organic certification label and is certified by Ecocert.

There are two levels of Cosmebio certification: the organic label BIO for organic cosmetics and the natural label ECO for eco-frienly and natural beauty products.

Cosmebio organic certification standards



minimum of all ingredients are natural or from natural origin



minimum of all agricultural ingredients are from organic farming



minimum of total product by weight (including water) must be organic


No GMO, synthetic fragrances, colors, petroleum derivatives, polymers, parabens or other potentially harmful substances 

All non natural ingredients must belong to a harmless synthetic ingredients positive list and be explicitely mentionned on product packaging.


No animal testing at all.

Only animal by-products that do not directly question animals' lives and whose use do not adversely affect the ecological balance can still be used (bee wax, honey, milk, etc.).

    Raw material sourcing, tranformation processes, packaging design and manufacturing,... must follow strict environmental standards regarding biodiversity, biodegradability, recycling and waste management issues.
    No genetic engineering or radiation in the production and processing of agricultural products.


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