All you want to know about Nohèm, an organic and ethical skin care and cosmetics French beauty brand
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Nohèm is an organic French cosmetics brand created in 2009, sprung from the desire to share the beauty secrets from women around the globe.


Nohèm is committed to promoting ethical standards among the women who produce the raw materials used in its products. The foundation set up by the creator of Nohèm is dedicated to capacity-building projects that support the economic and social empowerment of these women.

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History of Nohèm organic beauty and skincare brand

The story of a calling


For Noémie de Goÿs, the creator of Nohèm organic skincare brand, the volunteer support of underprivileged communities and solidarity in general has always been a priority. To this end, she became a volunteer for Unicef during her studies.


After a few years spent in the communications field, she decided to dedicate herself completely to the charitable and non-profit sector. Numerous trips throughout the world strengthened her decision, which she turned into a reality by creating the Amisse Foundation in 2009. Under the aegis of the Fondation de France, it is recognized as an organization of public benefit.



For the economic and social empowerment of women


The Amisse foundation supports development projects by financing them and accompanying their progress, the main goal being the support of the social, economic and human development of women in emergent countries.


Via a microcredit institution, the Amisse Foundation provides particular support to women in Burkina Faso who produce Shea butter to achieve independence. These women have access to modern stoves that contribute to improving their working conditions while strengthening the conservation of the Shea tree by optimizing its consumption.




Noemie de Goys, founder of Nohèm ethical and organic beauty brand


Noémie de Goÿs, founder of Nohèm


Nohèm natural skincare beauty products are fairtrade and certified organic


Women talking to women


Encouraged by this experience, Noémie de Goÿs’ vision for women in developing countries expanded. She decided to push the idea of reciprocity even further by launching a line of luxury organic cosmetics, in partnership with projects carried by women in these countries.


The partnership is beneficial to both parties: the women in developing nations who produce the raw materials are guaranteed fair and constant prices while the Nohèm products benefit from active ingredients of exceptional quality.


Feminine solidarity transcends borders, allowing women from around the world to share their beauty secrets with each other.



  • Organic products formulated by an expert scientific research lab specialized in the development of new, natural and ethical formulas through the use cutting-edge technology from Western chemistry

  • Raw materials that are rigorously selected throughout the world and products that are highly concentrated in natural and scientific active ingredients with proven efficiency
  • Natural (99,7% to 100% of the total ingredients), organic (15% to 65% of the total ingredients) and fair trade ingredients (5% to 25% of the total ingredients)
  • Organic products whose efficiency has been proven through rigorous testing
  • Specific treatment and massage protocols developed for beauty institutes and spas
  • Simple and playful product-application techniques easily reproduced at home, inspired by Japanese and African massage methods
  • Products made in France in accordance with strict standards, adapted to the most demanding consumers, with elegant textures and subtle fragrances that evoke journey and travel
  • Certifications which guarantee quality formulas that are respectful of all skin types and the environment (organic and fair trade labels certified by Ecocert)
  • A holistic commitment to eco-conception: formulation of organic products, packaging manufactured in France or Europe to reduce their carbon footprint, recycled and recyclable materials, airless tubes to optimize product conservation, glass vials, plant-based inks, reduction of primary and secondary packaging (des emballageset suremballages), and paper from sustainably-managed forests

Nohèm organic face skincare range was inspired by Asian women natural beauty secrets and ingredients



 Nohèm organic face range is made with natural goji, kendi and white lily extracts


The latest line of organic face care products by Nohèm was inspired by Arctic potent beauty ingredients



Nohèm organic face skincare range with asian natural ingredients


 “Asian Rituals”, the organic facial cosmetics line



Nohèm organic body care range with african natural ingredients


“African Rituals”, the organic body care line


"Asian Rituals": organic cosmetics inspired by the beauty secrets from China, Japan and Indonesia


Asian women have always taken special care of their skin, which does not seem to suffer from the passage of time. They owe their perfect complexion and the radiance and tonicity of their skin to ancestral ingredients.


All Nohèm organic products use the same key ingredient to hydrate and nourish skin, thus maintaining its youth: kendi oil, renowned and used throughout Indonesia for its richness in Omega 3, and its non-oily finish that leaves skin soft.


Other precious active ingredients with targeted effects are added in accordance with the purpose of the product, such as white rice wax, sesame oil, goji berry or white lilly.



"African rituals": argan, shea, baobab and marula for natural body care products inspired by African beauty


To take advantage of the richness and benefits of traditional ingredients, Nohèm organic body care products are based on African beauty rituals. The common denominator in these products is argan oil, otherwise known as Moroccan gold.


It protects and restores the cutaneous barrier, turning skin soft and supple. Precious ingredients from Egypt, West and South Africa are added to bolster the base formula.


Shea deeply nourishes skin and promotes healing while marula oil replenishes skin and protects it from free radicals. Black cumin oil has soothing and regenerating properties while baobab oil repairs and softens all skin types, even the most sensitive, to conserve elasticity and suppleness.



« Boreal Light »: anti-aging organic cosmetics from Lapland


Beauty techniques from the far North encourage interior well being, indispensable for physical health, while also providing invigorating and stimulating effects on skin. To achieve them, the Sami people apply ancient, traditional massage techniques, natural ingredient-based beauty rituals and of course, the art of the sauna.


The Sami people respect and live in harmony with nature, drawing from it the strength to face the elements. These characteristics, along with active ingredients from the far North with proven anti-aging and firming properties, are at the heart of three unique anti-aging Nohèm products.


Efficient and sensory skin care products, for a thrilling journey!



Each Nohèm product is a true sensory journey. This escape for the senses is possible through unique, ancestral rituals of well being from around the world, perfectly mastered by the brand therapists.


Each Nohèm ritual combines classic cosmetics application techniques with the unique approach to beauty provided by traditional treatments. The treatments are inspired by a variety of different cultures and draw their strengths from each of them.


The intrinsic qualities of each Nohèm product generate numerous benefits for the user: pleasure for the skin and proven, in-depth efficiency. Combining the products with the associated ritual stimulates skin cells and biological mechanisms, enhancing the benefits of the treatment and maximizing its potential.


Thanks to its expertise, Nohèm opened its first spa at the Mare aux Oiseaux, a hotel and Michelin-starred restaurant member of the Châteaux & Hôtels Collection. Lost in nature at the heart of the Brière swamp, it is a stone’s throw away from the famous La Baule beach.


Natural, certified organic products and protocols, 13 body and facial treatments from Asia, Africa, and the far North, a holistic approach to eco-conception- this is not only a spa, but an initiation to traveling around the world, to reconnect with the sources of well-being.


Nohèm organic and natural luxury spa and beauty institute in France


Nohèm luxury and organic spa at la Mare aux Oiseaux in France


The Nohèm Spa at the Mare aux Oiseaux

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