Ecocert is a French organic certification body approved by the Department of Industry. Ecocertified manufacturers have their ingredients and processes audited twice in a year by Ecocert to ensure it is complying with all the rules of the organic certification standard.

Ecocert organic certification standard


minimum of all ingredients are from natural origin


minimum of total product by weight (including water) must be organic


maximum of synthetic content is allowed. All non natural ingredients must belong to the harmless synthetic ingredients positive list created by Ecocert.
  All processes (including harvest, extraction methods, etc.) are audited and Ecocertified.
  No synthetic fragrances, colors, petroleum derivatives, polymers, parabens or other potentially harmful substances

No animal testing at all.

Only animal by-products that do not directly question animals' lives and whose use do not adversely affect the ecological balance can still be used (bee wax, honey, milk, etc.).


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