All you want to know about Novexpert, a natural skincare french skincare brand


Novexpert brand is a high-tech skincare laboratory, committed to green beauty for more than 20 years, who creates clean and effective organic skincare products.


Novexpert philosophy is based on quality, transparency, and technology.


Novexpert beauty products are natural formulations without toxic ingredients, inspired by the latest discoveries in anti-ageing medicine.

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the NOVEXPERT brand history

Cyrille Telinge, cofounder of Novexpert, was inspired by his parents to develop his skincare brand. In 1977, Telinge family created the Cyrillus fashion brand for children, in reference to their son’s first name. Cyrillus' label values are the expertise, the quality, and the heart. Cyrille created Novexpert with the same values in mind.


In 1996, Cyrille and his father created Bioware laboratory specialized in skincare formulation for pharmaceutical or luxury brands. To be in line with its ecological and ethical values, he further decides to develop his own brand, no longer working with brands that are not respectful of the skin, health or environment.


That is how the Novexpert natural and organic skincare brand was born, founded in 2008 by Cyrille Telinge who worked with beauty industry experts with solid backgroung in skin ageing science :


  • Daniel Colletta: Phd in organic chemistry, galenic specialist, former member of the Kanebo skincare research center (Japanese luxury skincare brand).
  • Jacques Leclere : Phytotherapy and skin biology expert, former Shiseido brand manager and former top manager at Nuxe.
  • Karl Lintner: Phd in biochemistry, expert in peptides, former team leader at Sedema (laboratory specialized in the production of anti-ageing molecules) awarded by Maison G. De Navarre Medal Award 2012 attributed by the society of beauty chemists and winner of the In-cosmetics lifetime achievement Award 2013.

Sharing the same desire to develop efficient and high-tech natural skincare products, these four experts worked together and combined their knowledge to create clean and biodegradable formulas, based on natural ingredients from biotechnology, without any single drop of toxic chemicals.


Novexpert beauty products are all designed by this highly skilled team of founders who share all their expertise in various fields such as skin biology, phytotherapy, green chemistry and dermatology. The result is high-tech new generation natural skincare formulas for healthier skin.


Novexpert natural facial products are infused with cosmeceuticals from cutting-edge anti-aging science, with much higher active principles concentration than common dermocosmetic products.


Hypoallergenic, free from allergens, and dermatologically tested, Novexpert high-tolerance formulas are a great solutions for sensitive skin types.











 Founders and doctors of the Novexpert - crédits Novexpert

Novexpert skincare commitments

Novexpert fabriqué en France


 Magnesium Range from Novexpert - crédits Novexpert




Products without chemical ingredients 


Novexpert’s products are safe for sensitive skin and respect strict formulation standards : preservatives free, parabens free, phenoxyethanol free, EDTA free, PEG free, BHT-BHA free... and cruelty free.


Novexpert experts choose biodegradable ingredients that are plant-derived or of green biotechnological origin to always respect the skin health and the environment.


Products without preservatives


Novexpert was one of the first beauty brand to eliminate all types of preservatives not just parabens. The formulas of the Novexpert healthy products are guaranteed free of chemical preservative, essential oil and alcohol.


Through non-chemical, exclusive and patented process, Novexpert natural products are as stable as any other skin product, and last as long once opened.




Made in France products


Novexpert laboratories are based in France. The products are designed, manufactured, assembled and packaged in France. Most of the ingredients come from France or Europe.


Products with transparency


Novexpert natural skincare brand consider that consumers have the right to know the composition and full ingredients list of the products they apply to their skin. The brand always writes the percentage of natural ingredients, that is between 95% and 100%, on the packaging of its products.


Novexpert sometimes uses high-technology clean synthetic ingredients that are very safe and 100% biodegradable, for example stabilized vitamin C and glycolic acid.


Efficient products 


In nearly all Novexpert products, you will find Novaxyline. This patented natural complex combines a brown algae extract with a sugar molecule to help reduce one of the main cause of skin ageing that is oxidative stress. This innovation has won 18 beauty awards !


NOVEXPERT natural products for all skin types

Novexpert products for sensitive skin


Magnesium range, created by Karl Lintner, is composed of 6 products to moisturize, calm, and protect sensitive skin.


Novexpert products for tired skin


Hyaluronic Acid range provides intense moisturizing in order to smooth tired skin. This range also helps fight wrinkles.


Novexpert products for oily skin


Trio-Zinc range is two-in-one range: purifying and anti-ageing. These skin products with antioxidant properties also work to reduce imperfections and shine, leaving skin smoother and clearer.


Novexpert products for mature skin


Collagen range is a global anti-ageing skincare line based on antioxidant ingredients with preventive and curative effects on wrinkles and skin's firmness.


Novexpert products for dull complexion


Vitamin C range restores radiance to dull complexion due to pollution and stress. It also prevents hyperpigmentation.


Novexpert products for dry skin


Omega range is composed of only one product: omega booster serum, combining all omegas for a powerful nutrition power.


Novexpert tinted skin products 


Pro-Melanin range provides skin with healthy glow and flawless complexion.






Novexpert gamme trio zinc


 Trio-Zinc Range from Novexpert


Novexpert gamme po collagène


 Collagen Range from Novexpert


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