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Less is More is a shampoo and hair care product brand created in 2005 in Vienna at the crossroads between aromatherapy, biomimetics and design.


Less is More professional hair care products combine active natural ingredients with organic essential oils to enhance efficiency and well-being.

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After having successfully worked as an art director and trainer in a famous international chain of hairdressers, Hannes Trummer opened a small yet ambitious hair salon in the center of Vienna in 2005.


His in-depth knowledge of the Feldenkrais method (an educational system that promotes spatial movement)  and his attentiveness to customers helped him realize that it is important to lessen things down to the essential.


The inauguration of his salon crystallized his concept of "Less is more". The salon itself is an expression of his minimalist vision, where customers and their reflections are the only elements that contrast with the pure white.


Space and time are molded to fit customers’ desires in a harmonious and serene atmosphere, where they benefit from the master hairstylist’s technical expertise and aesthetic sensitivity.


The meeting of Hannes Trummer and Doris Brandhuber, a chemist and yoga practitioner, marked a new turn in the evolution of the Less is More concept.


As part of her academic training and research activity, the scientist had studied extensively an area of particular interest to her, biomimetics- an interdisciplinary field that examines the structure and processes of nature in order to emulate them in the design of new products.


As a chemist, she is acutely aware of the composition of modern cosmetics. After having examined the health and environmental impact of traditional hairstyling products, the couple decided to no longer expose consumers to these risks.


The recently promoted chemist and environmental consultant thus turned down a Yale scholarship to devote herself completely to the development of a new line of organic hair care products. The luxury organic hair care and shampoo brand Less is More was born.


Hannes Trummer, austrian star hairdresser and founder of Less is More


Hannes Trummer, at Colette in Paris


Premium natural hair care brand Less is More founders


Doris Brandhuber & Hannes Trummer, founders of the Less is More brand



Less is More ecological luxury hair salon in Vienna


Organic hair salon Less is More in Vienna


Functionality and aesthetics, respect for the environment and sensual pleasure, health and beauty…


The first production workshop was set up in the stylish Less is More hair salon. Enriched by direct contact with consumers, the luxury hair care line Less is More started taking shape, combining functionality and simplicity, beauty and health, ethical commitment and aesthetic requirements.


The innovative formulas of Less is More organic hair care products exclusively contain natural ingredients carefully selected for their efficiency, purity, environmental sustainability, and gentleness on skin.


Obtained from renewable natural resources and certified organic whenever possible, they are entirely and quickly biodegradable.


The specific use of 100% pure essential oils optimizes the potency of Less is More's professional hair care products and provides aromatherapy benefits by combining well-being, pleasure and hair care efficiency.


Optimum performance, consumer well-being and respect of the environment are part of the requirements and results delivered by Less is More shampoo and hair care products.




The highest standards in ingredient selection


Bioactive, virgin plant oils and extracts, pure essential oils, precious flower waters, forest honey, bees wax, cane sugar, lecithin, glycerin…all are certified 100% organic.


Organic farming guarantees very high standards for production, treatment and control. Raw materials from organic farming are produced without any synthetic chemical pesticides, herbicides and mineral fertilizers. They are thus completely free of any toxic residue.


Protection from UV rays and harmful free radicals: Due to their high content in antioxidants from plant oils and butters, all Less is More hair care products are effective in protecting hair from the harmful damage from the sun, UV rays and free radicals.


For Less is More's natural shampoo and rinsable products, the mild preservation system is based on nature-like ingredients that occur in nature as essential oils' components.


Less is More's leave-in products use high quality, undenatured spirit of wine which doesn‘t dry hair or skin, but quickly evaporates without leaving any (allergenic) residue.


Less is More hair care products are thus free of conservatives, synthetic fragrances, dyes and polymers, silicones and paraffins, petrochemicals, PEG and PPG, parabens, sulfates, glycols, ethanolamines, phtalates etc…Less is More is also against animal testing.


Less is More natural hair salon and organic hair beauty institute in Vienna


Entry to the Less is More hair salon in Vienna




Lindengloss organic hair care range for color-treated and damaged hair


The Lindengloss line provides natural treatment for color-treated and damaged hair.


Less is More's 5 natural active complexes adapted to 5 hair types...


VOLUME • For fine, normal and oily hair

Mint & Aloe vera


PURE BALANCE • For all hair types

Evening primrose & Cajeput


MALLOWSMOOTH • For dry, thick and brittle hair

Rose hip & Mallow


LINDENGLOSS • For color-treated and damaged hair

Wheat germ & Cistus


HERBAL SCALP RELIEVE • For irritated scalp

Rosemary & Tea Tree


These customized organic plant-based complexes provide the hair with suppleness and shine and help maintain the scalp’s health.


The active ingredient content in Less is More natural hair care products is vastly superior to that of conventional ones. It guarantees the efficiency of Less is More organic and professional hair care products.


During the switch from conventional hair products to Less is More organic haircare, some detox effects may occur: residual silicones and paraffin oil sometimes begin to actually peel off – this cleansing process will finish after a few hair washes and the hair will then begin to grow stronger and healthier than before.


Each specific active complex is derived in two color-coded products: an organic shampoo and conditioner.


Shampoo – As a cleansing base for its sulfate and silicone-free shampoos, Less is More exclusively uses extra gentle cleansing substances that are derived from plant raw materials such as coconut oil, sugar and amino acids. Styling product residue and pollution are washed away efficiently without over-stripping the hair and scalp.


Conditioner – The organic silicone-free conditioners by Less is More intensely nourish the hair thanks to its natural oils and plant extracts, infusing it with health and suppleness. They can be used as after-shampoos or deep conditioning treatments. The hair fiber is smoothed and reinforced, while the roots are flooded with nutritional substances. As a result, hair is protected from exterior aggressions.


 Less is More organic shampoo and natural hair care full range


Less is More luxury organic hair care

Special care


The Less is More line includes leave-in products and natural hair treatments adapted to the individual needs of the hair and scalp.


The Less is More leave-in products are highly concentrated and custom-designed for the scalp and individual hair type. By staying in the hair, they are active until the next hair wash and offer effective protection against heat and sun with the strength of herbal extracts, wheat proteins, vegetable chitin, virgin plant oils, lecithin and naturally pure essential oils. For conservation purposes, the leave-in products contain virgin organic spirits of wine. When used as a conservative, alcohol does not dry out the hair and scalp, evaporates immediately and does not leave behind any allergenic residue.


Styling & finish


The Less is More natural styling products contain resins, waxes and film formers including certified organic fair trade Mascobado cane sugar, Austrian forest honey and beeswax, plant oils and butters as well as shellac, wheat protein and vegetable chitin. These superior-quality natural substances not only provide hair with volume and shine, but also deliver precious care and protection of the hair and scalp.

These qualities make the Less is More organic gels, waxes, styling creams and hairsprays fundamental must-have products on runways and photo shoots.


The Less is More organic styling & finish products are free of synthetic polymers such as acrylamides, acrylates, methacrylates, vinyl, PVP/VA, PVM/MA, adipates; propellants, PEG/PPG, etc.

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