All you want to know about Lov Organic, a natural and certified organic premium tea and herbal tea brand
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The organic luxury tea brand Løv Organic was born in September 2010 as the sister brand of the Russian tea house Kusmi Tea.


Løv Organic offers a collection of organic teas that are both delicious and beautiful, the result of a winning combination of innovative blends and attractive eco-conceived packaging that embellish everyday life.

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For all those seeking gourmet, organic teas that combine pleasure and well-being, the high quality tea brand Løv Organic is the very first French tea brand to be certified organic.


“Løv" means "leaf" in Norwegian. This clever play on words alludes to tea leaves as well as to those found in forests, the lungs of the earth, and to nature in general.


It reveals the Løv organic brand philosophy, which is to offer moments of gustatory pleasure to tea lovers while respecting the environment.


Dressed in lively colors, the Løv Organic tea tins emphasize the emblem of the gourmet organic tea brand- a bird with a minimalist design, symbolizing the natural world that it is our duty to protect.


This streamlined visual identity reflects Løv Organic’s inspiration from Scandinavia, a region of the world where modernity and nature cohabitate harmoniously.


Boîte de thé biologique Lov Organics



Collection des thés biologiques Lov Organic dans la boutique de la marque


Inside the Løv Organic tea boutique


Løv Organic offers a selection of 22 whole leaf organic teas with subtle and natural aromas. In addition to « traditional » teas, Løv Organic has also created distinctly flavored, unique natural blends.


The ‘Løv is’ line of well-being tea blends is the true incarnation of the Løv Organic brand philosophy. This range offers four organic herbal teas that blend different flavors and plants known for their well-being properties in order to heighten the pleasure of savoring them: 

  • Løv is good : an anti-oxydant-rich blend containing cinnamon, anis root, ginger and licorice to counteract the ageing of your body
  • Løv is pure : a purifying blend of green tea and mate to detoxify and drain excess water
  • Løv is zen : a gourmet blend of apple, orange and caramel with a base of rooibos, full of trace elements, that helps achieve calm and serenity
  • Løv is beautiful : a delicate blend of peach, apricot and exotic fruits with a base of green, white and rooibos teas, rich in anti-oxydants and zinc for a radiant complexion

The organic tea brand Løv Organic thus offers a full range of 100% natural teas dedicated to pleasure and well-being, to indulge in a flavorful degustation session while taking care of one’s health and the environment.




The environmental commitment of the gourmet organic tea brand Løv Organic is particularly holistic. From packaging, to the boutique, to the teas themselves, everything has been thought out to minimize the brand’s environmental impact.


All the Løv Organic packagings are eco-conceived to ensure the reduction of material-use to the bare essentials, without impacting the brand’s elegant and modern look.


The metal tins containing loose tea leaves are entirely recyclable as they are made exclusively from steel and are free of any plastic components. They can also be re-used and refilled with tea leaves in Løv Organic tea boutiques.


The cotton muslin tea bags are made from virgin, unbleached cotton and contain no staples or glue. They thus allow the tea leaves to fully unfurl and release their aromas naturally.


The carboard used in Løv Organic boxes have the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council / Conseil Gestion Forêt) label which guarantees that the cardboard comes legal wood trade and that it was manufactured in environmentally friendly conditions.



Løv Organic teas are certified organic


The Løv Organic teas are certified organic by ECOCERT and benefit in addition from a triple certification:

  • the AB label (Organic farming)
  • the European organic label
  • the US organic label « USDA organic »


These labels guarantee the tea is GMO-free, that it exclusively contains natural flavors, that it contains at least 95% of ingredients from organic agriculture and that it did not undergo any synthetic chemical treatments (fertilizers or pesticides).


All plant-based ingredients used in Løv Organic teas (tea leaves, fruit pieces, flower petals…) are organic and aromas are 100% natural.

  Thé certifié bio Lov Organic


Boutique de thé bio Lov organic à Paris


The Løv Organic boutique in Paris


Immediately following the launch of the premium organic tea brand Løv Organic, the brand’s first boutique was inaugurated in the heart of the Montorgueil neighborhood in Paris in October 2010.


Conceived by the Bleu Nature agency specialized in eco-design, the warm space celebrates the Scandinavian way of life, combining pleasure, health and respect for nature.


The Løv Organic boutique resonates with echoes from the forest, thanks to the birch tree trunks and wooden shelves and consoles.


In accordance with the brand’s commitment to diminishing its environmental impact, all the wood used is certified FSC® and comes from sustainably managed forests.


During the summer, it is even possible to drink a glass of iced Løv Organic tea among friends on the terrace. One can also find a large selection of colorful tea accessories, including mugs and teapots by Forlife.


The organic teas by Løv Organic can by savored without moderation, to please one’s body, mind, and the planet!


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