All you want to know about Lovinah, a natural and organic skincare brand
Lovinah natural skincare brand


Lovinah revamps ancient African beauty rituals that are improved by cutting edge science and adapted for the modern-day woman. It is all about African botanical treasures and heritage, cosmeceuticals with proven efficiency and unique sensory experience. 


The supernatural Lovinah skincare range uses potent pure plant extracts from plants known for their strength and natural ability to grow under extreme harsh environmental conditions.


Rich in antioxidants, probiotics and bio available nutrients, Lovinah beauty remedies address all hormonal challenges to the skin with powerful efficacy and transformative results.

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The Lovinah brand history

Lovinah Skincare was founded by Joy Ekhator. Growing up in a traditional African home in her native Nigeria, she experienced the healing powers of mother Nature through her grandmother who was an herbalist, traditional doctor, bone setter and midwife.


Going through three back to back pregnancies, while working fulltime as a computer programmer, caused hormonal imbalance, that resulted in weight gain and cystic acne on her already acne prone skin. She tried everything to heal her own skin conditions, but nothing worked.


Also her children had very problematic skin. After visiting so many doctors, the turning point was when her youngest son got prescribed steroids. She refused to put him on steroids and decided to visit mother Nature for her healing powers.


She remembered her love for plants developped by watching her grandmother administer herbs for different ailments.  After in-depth research, this ancient African knowledge of plants that had been passed down through to her, healed her children and herself with Nature's supernatural powers.


Amazed by the healing power of plants and gemstones and the results within her family, Joy created Lovinah to show a modern representation of Ancient African Beauty secrets passed down from generations to generations.

Lovinah skin treatments are a powerful union of ancient African beauty rituals using traditional herbs, exotic oils and extracts, perfected by modern technology to give your skin a supernatural glow, while honoring your divine beauty and reconnecting you to mother Earth.

Lovinah brand founder

 Joy Ekhator, founder of Lovinah








The Lovinah SKINCARE philosophy : Best of nature + best of science

Natural face oil by Lovinah

Lovinah's Blue Lotus face Elixir



Lovinah Supernatural skincare goes back to Ancient remedies and practices to provide a luxurious SPA-At-Home selfcare ritual for your skin, body and soul. A step back into history, creatively revamping ancient beauty rituals that are improved by modern science and adapted to modern life and modern women needs.


This range of plant-powered, highly concentrated and superior performing natural beauty products is designed to look after and address all hormonal challenges to the skin with powerful efficacy and transformative results.


Rich in beautiful and precious oils, lush rain forest ingredients, Lovinah skincare has stood the test of time for many generations, from Egypt blue lotus, to Nigeria's black soap, moringa, South African's rooibos and resurrection tea, Peru’s dragon’s blood, India’s bakuchiol to Uganda shea nilotica.


The best of natural ingredients including the most concentrated active plant extracts and superior botanical actives to safely and effectively reverse the signs of hormonal breakout and premature aging, while helping restore healthy, youthful and vibrant glow. 


In addition, Lovinah treatments use probiotics combined with the highest quality medical grade skincare ingredients like oil soluble vitamin C, natural retinol alternative, hyaluronic acid, AHA/BHA concentrates (Salicylic, Glycolic, Malic, Lactic acids), various peptides and superfoods to help feed the skin and restore divine glow.


 About Lovinah supernatural beauty

Ancient African healers used botanicals and herbs from tropical forest to create powerful remedies to detoxify and protect the skin from the harsh African environment. Lovinah's mission is to continue to create gentle, yet effective luxurious beauty ritual treatments for the modern-day woman.


To do so, Lovinah manufactures its luxury herb-infused skincare products using pure, raw and effective ingredients only. They make their products in small batches with herbs, fruits and flowers used several centuries ago in Africa for both skincare and medicinal purposes.


Joy is fascinated with the origin of every ingredient and she works diligently to source them directly from the historical areas in which they grow. Most ingredients are wild-harvested from their natural environment free from farming, pollution, pesticides and human interference. Of course they are always harvested with utmost respect to nature and future generation.


Lovinah's signature masks and serums will help to reverse the effects of environmental damages to the skin, by slugging away dull, dead cells to illuminate the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, black spots, clogged pores and blemishes.


The Lovinah eco-luxury natural skincare collection of exotic rain-forest inspired skin products honors and respects thousands of years of traditional African medicinal knowledge.


The unique sensory sensations provided by Lovinah natural luxury skincare will make you feel like a goddess in a sacred temple.




Eye and face serum by Lovinah

Lovinah's Third Eye serum



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