All you want to know about Neom Luxury Organics, a natural scented candle, home scenting and body beauty products brand
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Neom Luxury Organics is a global organic beauty brand with a cult celebrity following including the likes of Kate Moss and Sienna Miller.


A modern luxurious take on beauty and natural home treatments that contain no synthetic ingredients whatsoever!

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The Neom Luxury Organics brand history

It is time to create a luxurious, organic zone in your home : recent studies show that the average woman puts herself at risk using more than 250 chemicals on her skin every day ! From shampoo and conditioner, to shower gel and bubble bath, body oils and lotions. And let’s not forget washing up liquid, liquid soaps, washing powders...the list goes on. These chemicals find their way into our bodies - up to 60% of them are absorbed into the skin, the bloodstream, the breast milk... Often there is further exposure to unborn babies and children in the house.


Most women do not correctly recognise ONE ingredient on the back of their daily beauty products. This means many of their buying decisions are based on a fundamental trust of the cosmetic industry and of the claims the beauty brands make.


The cumulative effect of these chemicals, used by women over decades, is slowly coming to light - but much remains unknown as there is nothing to force EU cosmetics brands to test their products for long-term use, or to effectively predict the effect on humans when used alongside dozens of other chemicals. That's why Nicola Elliott, Neom Luxury Organics founder, is obsessed with getting you to reduce your chemical count and strongly opposes synthetic scents and harsh ingredients. With Neom Luxury Organics she wanted to offer everyday alternatives to help reduce your chemical count and that of your family…


But she also believes beauty should be about spoiling yourself, fabulous scents and utter indulgence ie. products that marry style and performance with the organic qualities that many luxury brands overlook. 


Neom Luxury Organics introduce you to the benefits of beautiful, natural beauty products by creating the most incredibly powerful, organic range of luxury bath and body products that all work as holistic treatments, because their essential oil content is so high, to make you feel a whole lot more relaxed, more energised or even just a whole lot happier – depending on the treatment you select for your mood. So if Neom Luxury Organics can’t make you feel pampered then no one can.


Nicola Elliott founder of the organic scented candle brand Neom Luxury Organics


Nicola Elliott, Neom Luxury Organics founder


Each Neom scented candle is made from soy wax and pure essential oils


Neom Luxury Organics natural scented candle


Neom Luxury Organics ecological commitments and promises

Neom Luxury Organics natural body care products range


Organic rose body oil Neom Luxury Organics


Neom Luxury Organics products and rose organic body oil


Sophisticated and natural beauty products


A Neom Luxury Organics product is 100% pure essentials oils, no petrochemicals or paraffin wax, sls, parabens, PEGs, silicones, GMOs, synthetic scents or animal products.... and naturally not tested on animal. 


For instance, Neom Luxury Organics natural scented candles contain no toluene and benzene (found in paraffin wax) that are the carcinogens found in cigarette smoke. Each Neom’s scented candle from their library of 11 amazing scents is blended from pure vegetable waxes and essentials oils.


Carefully blending only the finest organic ingredients and the highest concentration of essential oils, Neom Luxury Organics has created the most beautiful scents that fill your room with mood enhancing treats in whichever you prefer... 


The sophistication of the scents really distinguishes Neom Luxury Organics from synthetic perfumers out there. At Neom, they spend months sourcing and testing fragrance, down the last percentage of essential oil content, and also extracting the scent in a really innovative way thanks to pioneering techniques.


Forget everything you know about candles and body care products : from cult beauty-editor-favourite candles to vitamin packed anti ageing body oils, deeply pampering bath oils in precious glass bottles to organic room mists, Neom Luxury Organics range even features natural hand washes & lotions for a touch of every day organic luxury and to push the boundaries to create newness within the organic sphere – the perfect gift.


Neom Luxury Organics : glamorous and luxurious natural beauty products

A wild extravagance? Of course.

An outrageous self-indulgence? Undoubtedly.

An absolute necessity? Without question.


Neom is a simple philosophy but is all about really genuine ingredients in the products and the simplicity of it is that everything is organic and everything works as a treatment.


Nicola, the Neom Luxury Organics brand founder, was really inspired to create genuine organic but very luxurious products. She just knew how important it was to have that feeling when you open a beauty product and it looks beautiful, it smells amazing and you just get that feeling to really treating yourself.


The Neom Luxury Organics' candles are really quite big but they have been purposely made with 3 wicks on a large size so that they would fill the room with the right amount of scent that you breathe and so that it works as a treatment. 


To create a warm and inviting ambience in your home, there is no better way to pamper yourself than with Neom natural candles which can produce a stunning aroma, relaxing and revitalising the senses. An organic scented candle that doesn’t just smell lovely and looks pretty but can really works extra hard to help you relax or help you alleviate the stress that you may have. 


Women are now able to enjoy skincare and home scent products that are genuinely organic but also utterly luxurious so that you don’t have to choose between something that is synthetic or something that is natural but maybe not as luxurious. And the fusion together of these two worlds is really what Neom is about.


Where does the magic come from? At Neom, they wanted pleasure, leisure and treatment all in one. NEOM couldn’t be more different.


Organic scented candles and natural home scenting products brand 

Reed diffuser and home scenting room mists with pure essential oils


Neom Luxury Organics' warm and inviting ambience


Organic Scented candles for stars and princesses

Stars and princesses love the organic beauty products from Neom Luxury Organics


Now a firm favourite with top beauty editors (Neom Luxury Organics is featured regularly in Vogue, Elle, Glamour and Marie Claire to name a few) the natural beauty brand also has several celebrity fans.


Kylie Minogue burns Revitalise before going on stage, Sienna Miller orders in the Moroccan Blush Rose to burn at her parties, Kate Moss uses Real Luxury and Gwyneth Paltrow loves all of them!


And did you see the amazing picture of Princess Charlene of Monaco receiving her NEOM goody bag at the Variety Club Golden Jubilee ball at Harewood House?


Neom Luxury Organics is also the scent and product of choice throughout many parties. From scenting the Cosmopolitan Fashion Awards, Glamour Woman of the Year to Camp Kerala at Glastonbury and Cartier or as a gift for the front-row-at-the-show guests during the London fashion week.

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