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For Ecocentric , we have unearthed an eclectic collection of the world’s finest, contemporary organic and cutting-edge natural labels that gives a lot of glamor to ethics !
Thoroughly modern yet highly ethical brands that make the fusion together of organic and luxury for a carefree and unique shopping experience.


Ecocentric is all about sustainable luxury and high-quality experiences, so that your choices are no longer synonymous with incumbent guilt but with a willingness to follow as we found the balance between your urban desires, your well-being and respect for the planet.
We take great pride in only selling the best and finest natural products to turn your eyes toward a purer, greener, deeper and more meaningful path.


This is a place for conscious consumers and early-adopters who seek out excellence, purity, safety, effectiveness and integrity in their shopping choices. Ecocentric is where the appeal of a natural and organic lifestyle really begins…


We also made a strong commitment by planting a tree with every order placed on the website and 100% ecological packaging. I am proud to know that today a mangrove reborn thanks to all our members who are many to offer a second tree to the planet Earth.
Join us and you too be fantastic, be empathic, be eclectic ,be eccentric, be chic ... be Ecocentric !

   Michaël, CEO of Ecocentric




Your are the best part of Ecocentric. We work hard to ensure you have the best possible shopping experience and to offer you premium customer care.


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In order for a product to be sold at Ecocentric, it must meet very demanding criteria. Fair trade, organic certification, animal rights...


Our guiding principles





Despite the apparent contradiction between luxury and sustainable development, sustainable luxury is not just self-evident, but a necessity.


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Ecocentric is France #1 online destination for premium organic cosmetics or eco-fashion accessories and the first online retailer in the world to focus exclusively on luxury organics.