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Our ethics and guiding principles at Ecocentric




Products that do not harm the environment or people.



We allow only the best and finest sustainable products to be sold at Ecocentric : they all respect the environment, the workers who make them and yourself. This principle also guides our everyday choices, from using eco-friendly packing to planting trees with every order.



Fair trade

Working conditions, fairness and social justice matter.


  Ecocentric strongly supports fair trade and ethical products : we favour exclusive goods with sound environmental and social credentials that embrace new ethical and labor standards and provide the greatest positive contribution to consumers and workers as well.



animal rights

No animal testing or any kind of mistreatment.


  Despite development of computer modeling and in-vivo testing on cell cultures, many cosmetics companies keep on testing products on animals. Ecocentric will never carry any product that has been tested on animals or involved in any kind of animal mistreatment.




Complete information on brands and products.



Customer reviews, detailed composition, brand commitments, meaning and guarantees of organic certifications... We’re so confident about our products quality that we tell you everything about everything for you to shop carefree and make your choices with full knowledge and trust.





So that desire, more than need, drives our commitment.



  Change the world and feel good is about finding harmony between the mind, heart and body. This balance between our desires, wellness and saving the planet comes through positive sustainability. A prerequisite for choices that are no longer synonymous with incumbent guilt but the result of unabashed free will.