Less is More - Scalp relieving organic haircare essentials set for irritated scalp
Less is More

Scalp Relieve Collection - Scalp irritation or imbalance

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Less is More organic hair care gift set for irritated scalp - Less is More

Discover the organic purifying hair care range to treat scalp imbalances and dandruffs by Less is More. These unique natural hair product will restore balance and regenerate irritated scalp.

Less is More purifying haircare gift set contains:

Organic haircare discovery gift box to help alleviate irritated scalp.



See each Less is More product page for complete ingredient list.

Directions for use

See each Less is More product page for complete direction for use.

Less is More

When stylist experience, biomimetics and aromatherapy combine, an innovative organic salon hair care line emerges, combining functionality, health and environmentalism with indulgent pleasure.


Less is more natural hair care products' innovative formulas exclusively contain natural ingredients, chosen for their effectivity, purity and optimal tolerance by both skin and the environment.
The targeted use of the purest essential oils optimizes the product‘s effectiveness and refines its ability to create wellness and pleasure.


Less is More is reduction to the essential, simply luxury...

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