Antonia Burrell - Natural antiaging skincare and Face Lift Cupping Massage kit
Antonia Burrell

Facial in a Box

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Antonia Burrell natural facial treatment kit

Facial in a Box by Antonia Burrell combines parts of her internationally accredited Face Lift Cupping Massage technique with her natural, proven and life changing skincare collection to create this first-of-its-kind treatment in a box. 

This wonderfully efficient results-driven one-pack treatment contains seven steps to sculpt, contour and lift instantly, as a more beautiful, brighter, healthier and flawless looking complexion is revealed.

In just 30 minutes the results are incredible : lines are smoothed, texture improved, lymphatic drainage, and improved product absorption makes this an all round winner.

Facial in a Box by Antonia Burrell is like having your very own coveted, glow getting skin treatment wherever and whenever you want it. A life-changing and transformative skin solution ! 

Content :
Facial massage cups
Single doses of the 6 products you need for a complete ritual

Say hello to Antonia Burrell Facial in a box :


Antonia Burrell contains one use doses of Natural Glow cleansing oil, Luminous Light polishing powder, Forest Dew beauty water, Radiant Light facial oil, Mask Supreme and Creme Supreme.

Organic skincare kit for all skin types.


100% of all ingredients are from natural origin


For detailled ingredient lists of Antonia Burrell's essential kit products please see each Antonia Burrell product page.


For detailled directions for use of Antonia Burrell's discovery collection products please see each Antonia Burrell product page.


Antonia Burrell products are all about passionately pursuing perfection with 100% natural skincare products that work and fully understand the true physiology of beauty.


As radiant, healthy looking skin cannot be achieved if the nervous energy is not diffused, the Antonia Burrell holistic skincare collection turns your daily skincare regime into an indulgent time for pampering and well-being. 


Radiance inside and out : packed with a myriad of clinically proven and patented actives that harness nature’s most potent, nutrient-rich botanicals, Antonia Burrell products bring you visible results...quickly!   


Start indulging in a new skincare experience that really pampers, uplifts, refines and replenishes.

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