Absolution - Organic cosmetics christmas gift set by Christophe Danchaud
Absolution x C. Danchaud

The Makeup Set by Christophe Danchaud

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Absolution organic makeup gift set

To celebrate the holiday season, this limited edition gift set features three makeup essentials of Absolution organic cosmetics range created by the makeup artist Christophe Danchaud for a French minimalist look !

The Absolution makeup gift set includes :

  • Le Liner
    With its ultra thin tip, the Absolution eye liner glides on the eyelid : quick and easy application for a precise and intense black line.

  • Le Mascara
    Absolution mascara defines, adds length and thickens eyelashes thanks to its natural organic formula based on beeswax and carnauba and also enriched with castor seed and crambe oils, known for their conditioning and nourishing properties.

  • Le Rouge Théâtre N°08
    A dramatic red, the perfect shade for a woman who exudes confidence. Unique, seductive and timeless, it works with any style. 

Natural make up gift set for all skin types.



See each product page for detailled INCI ingredients list


The famous makeup artist Christophe Danchaud requested on stage by the greatest actresses (Keira Knightley, Julia Roberts, Monica Bellucci, Vanessa Paradis, Marion Cotillard, Mélanie Laurent ...) and natural cosmetics brand Absolution combined their talents to create the Sweet & Safe makeup collection.


Combining skincare and colours, organic and natural formulas, ease to use and professional result... #sweetandsafebeauty is free of any toxic ingredients.


9 lipsticks and eye essentials: concealer, eyeliner and mascara are already available.

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