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Natural Fabrics


ecocentric - Natural fabrics


The quality of the materials used to make up the accessories we select is crucial for us. Refined or raw, natural materials have unique physical properties and aesthetic features. Obviously, these eco-friendly materials respects both our ethical and ecological standards.

You will find in this category products made of high quality wool (cashmere, alpaca ...), organic cotton, silk, linen, burlap ...


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  • Wallet "Alceste" (S-L) - Vintage pink & Dots - La Vie devant Soie La Vie devant Soie Wallet "Alceste" (S-L) - Vintage pink & Dots 15,90 €  (from) - 40%
  • Cards pouch "Iris" - Fuchsia - La Vie devant Soie La Vie devant Soie Cards pouch "Iris" - Fuchsia 27,00 € 16,20 € - 40%
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