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Slow Life gift set

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"Slow Life" gift set by Lov Organic

The perfect gift set to have a wellness break after a long day with the following flavours : Løv is Zen, Løv is Green and Løvely Night. 

  • Løv is Zen 
    A sweety and relaxing blend of rooibos, apple, orange and cinnamon.  
  • Løv is Green
    A made of fruits and vegetables infusion for a unique tea-experience drinking thanks to spinach, apple, pear and carrot.  
  • Løvely Night
    The perfect evening infusion based on traditional linden, camomile, verbena and exotical honeybush and rooibos, with a little sweet flavour of cinnamon and liquorice. 



Løv is Zen

Rooibos* (50%), apple* (32%), lemon balm*, blackberry leaves*, flavouring, orange flavouring. 

Løv is Green

Carrot*, spinach*, pear*, apple*, pear flavours.

Løvely Night 

Honeybush*, rooibos*, cinnamon*, linden leaves*, liquorice*, camomile*, lemon verbena*, natural pear flavour.

* Certified organic ingredients

Løv Organic

In Scandinavian countries 'løv', means 'leaf'.

Løv Organic is inspired by the Scandinavian way of life, combining pleasure and ecology in an organic range of amazing teas and herbal teas that makes everyday life more beautiful.


Tea contains tannins and polyphenols, these are rich in antioxidants, and is also rich in vitamins, notably vitamin P (to help strengthen hair) and vitamin B (especially vitamin B9) which helps to maintain general wellbeing.


Premium organic teas from Løv Organic are then a source of pleasure and natural well-being !

Lov Organic premium and high standards organic tea, rooibos and herbal infusions

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