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Acheter marque de brosse à dent en bois de luxe Caliquo

Each Caliquo refillable wooden toothbrush is both an artisanal object highlighting French know-how, as it is entirely made by hand in France, but also a technical toothbrush meeting all the advances in terms of oral health.

The noble wooden handle of your Caliquo toothbrush will follow you all your life, its infinitely refillable head will reduce your toothbrush plastic consumption by 8 and is very economical in the long term.

Caliquo has invented the designer and eco-responsible toothbrush that you are proud to have in your bathroom.

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  • Toothbrush in walnut wood - Caliquo Caliquo Toothbrush in walnut wood 27,50 €
  • Toothbrush in oak wood - Caliquo Caliquo Toothbrush in oak wood 27,50 €
  • Pack of 2 toothbrush refills - Caliquo Caliquo Pack of 2 toothbrush refills 2,50 €
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