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Very unique, Iroisie is a new luxury for the skin that combines precious ingredients, performance with tests and last but not least organic certification.

In order to develop their unique anti-aging and slimming natural treatments, Iroisie has selected and combined within its formulas the rarest from the oceans (selected marine ingredients coming from protected natural places classified by the Unesco) and the best of the ground plants.

Each Iroisie organic skincare product has been evaluated by clinical studies in order to measure its effect on the skin especially on skin aging, slimming and firming.

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Why we love IROISIE ?

  • The benefits of seaweed from the Iroise sea
  • Its BB cream has become cult
  • Its certified organic and made in France skincare

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  • Iroisie organic skincare and cosmetics logode luxe Iroisie

    Iroisie is a French brand of luxury cosmetics, certified organic by Ecocert, featuring precious ingredients whose efficiency has been proven by clinical studies.


    An organic, marine-based cosmetics brand, Iroisie products are made up of natural ingredients from the Iroise Sea in Brittany.

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History of the brand Iroisie

  • Growing up, Anne Bontour watched both her grandmothers prepare their own beauty creams. One of them, hailing from Brittany, would use algae and seawater while the other, from the Franche-Comté region, turned to avocado and almonds. Their natural approach to beauty was to leave a life-long impression on the young woman.


    After graduating high school, Anne Bontour left her home region of Franche-Comté for Paris and a modeling career. The endless make-up sessions and pollution quickly wrecked havoc on her skin. Highly sensitized, her skin became intolerant to cosmetics products, even the gentlest ones and those by high-end brands.


    Images of homemade, simpler, natural cosmetics came back to her. She developed a taste for a healthier lifestyle: she turned to organic products and starting using only natural and essential oils on her skin.


    A vision of creating natural cosmetics products for sensitive skin then materialized, inspiring Anne to create her own brand of organic skin careadapted to the most sensitive skin: “I wanted high performance products with creamy textures, perfectly tolerated by even the most delicate skin. It took us five years to get there.”


    She thus turned to her grandmothers’ recipes, reclaiming them by selecting the best from land and sea and combining the benefits of algae with the virtues of natural plant extracts.


    Only the most potent ingredients are used and subject to advanced research to guarantee a true anti aging expertise, the star ingredient being the algae from the Iroisie Sea, a Unesco World Heritage site in Brittany after which the brand is named.

  • Anne Bontour, founder of Iroisie French natural skincare brand


    Anne Bontour, founder of the organic cosmetics brand Iroisie


A perfectly physiological organic cosmetic for sensitive skin

  • Iroisie organic and marine natural skincare range for sensitive skin


    The best natural ingredients from land and sea are at the heart of each Iroisie product



    Iroisie organic certified natural face skin care range

    Iroisie is committed to pure and natural beauty

  • Respect for the skin is at the heart of each formula


    The heart of the formulas behind Iroisie organic cosmetics blends algae and ingredients from the Iroisie Sea in Brittany. The marine environment is very close to the human organism, ensuring perfect tolerance of the products by even the most sensitive skin.


    This preserved area of the Atlantic Ocean is a hotspot for marine active ingredients with high mineral and trace element content. These ingredients are perfectly tolerated and respect cellular regeneration, ensuring skin is perfectly protected, hydrated and moisturized.


    Beyond their perfect synergy with skin tissue, the active cosmetic ingredients of each Iroisie product are up to 20 times more concentrated in natural antioxidants, 80 times in calcium and 35 times in iron than their vegetal counterparts.


    Since each plant is nonetheless a treasure, the Iroisie cosmetics research team has chosen to include active plant ingredients from organic farming such as lavender, apricot, jojoba or guarana, in order to ensure the optimal functioning of skin cellular metabolism.


    These natural ingredients have an exceptionally high content of essential nutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, omegas 3, 6 and 9) and increase the efficiency of the Iroisie organic cosmetics products.




    The Iroisie beauty brand commitments


    Iroisie products respect both man and nature. They are certified ecological and organic by Ecocert and have also received the Cosmébio label.


    This guarantees that Iroisie products are free of parabens, silicones, paraffin, chemical preservatives, mineral oil, phenoxyethanol and GMOs.


    In addition, all of the Iroisie packaging is certified FSC in support of the sustainable management of forests. It goes without saying that Iroisie is against animal testing.

The anti-ageing and spa expertise of Iroisie

  • An efficient line targeting wrinkles


    Iroisie has developed a complete range of organic anti-aging skincare products whose efficiency has been clinically proven. The results of the clinical tests are emphatic and laudatory.


    Iroisie thus proves that an organic anti-wrinkle cream can ensure efficient protection against free radicals and provide natural firming action to combat the slackening of face skin.


    From a young woman’s first anti-aging product to a highly concentrated anti-wrinkle serum to fight the effects of time on mature skin, Iroisie has created a holistic beauty ritual to care for skin and combat wrinkles efficiently.




    A spa and body-slimming range


    In addition to offering a range exclusively for professional luxury spas, the organic brand Iroisie has also developed a line to rediscover the benefits of spa treatments at home.


    These organic slimming and spa products were developed to delay the signs of age, preserve the youth of skin, slim down and beautify the figure or simply unwind and relax.


    Here again, algae from the Iroisie Sea and 100% natural vegetal oils are featured for the benefits provided by their active ingredients in this range of precious and natural body care products.

  • Iroisie luxury organic and natural anti-ageing serum


    The precious serum, an Iroisie anti-aging skincare product

Organic luxury sensory cosmetics

Refined textures, delicate fragrances…Iroisie considers that a product’s foremost efficiency is the pleasure it provides when applied.


luxury organic beauty brand, Iroisie offers a unique sensory experience to satisfy demanding women who are looking for cosmetic efficiency and pleasure of use



Photo credit : Iroisie

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