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Entre 2 Rétros

The meeting between Virginie, bathed in the automotive world since childhood, and Celeste a brilliant designer from Hermès, was the starting point of Entre 2 Rétros. Their ingenious idea is to exploit the technical properties and robustness of different materials from industry (leather, automotive fabric, seat belt ...) to create fashion items.


Yet the brand brings way more than just technical qualities to its products, the Retro Chic collection of bags and accessories is also very beautifully crafted.


Wisely giving a second life to highly specialized materials through modern and practical creations Entre 2 Rétros offers a sustainable and pragmatic fashion alternative.

Entre 2 rétros French eco-fashion bags and accessories brand
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  • F2 Chimeri yellow and blue wallet - Entre 2 Rétros Entre 2 Rétros F2 Chimeri yellow and blue wallet 43,00 € 17,20 € - 60%
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