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Pijama was born in 2006 , created by Monica Battistella , fashion designer, and architect Sergio Gobbi. Together they realized that abandoned stocks of fabrics in the heart of Milano's former fashion district could be brought to a new life. 


Pijama includes original and cosy soft cases for computers and ipods (all covers are lined with a layer of neoprene combined with a patterned fabric).Since then the Pijama family has grown with backpacks, tote bags and pockets. The brand is always renewing its look by experimenting new prints, using new colours and inventing new accessories.


Pijama‘s creations are simple , trendy and always usefull ! All products are 100% designed and made in Italy, manufactured in the Milan area.

  Made in Italy Pijama fashion accessories
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  • Zip case for Ipad air / 2 / pro 9.7" - Blue denim - Pijama Pijama Zip case for Ipad air / 2 / pro 9.7" - Blue denim 34,00 € 17,00 € - 50%
  • Pocket - Grey herringbone pocket (L) - Pijama Pijama Pocket - Grey herringbone pocket (L) 36,00 € 18,00 € - 50%
  • Pocket - Dotty small black (M-L) - Pijama Pijama Pocket - Dotty small black (M-L) 36,00 € 18,00 € - 50%
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