Programme de fidélité Ecocentric



Join the Ecocentric rewards club


  1. You automatically join the club with your first order, no registration needed.

  2. Earn points with your purchases, product reviews and for each successful referral.

  3. Redeem your points for discount coupons & beauty gifts.

How to earn points

  • With every purchase you make online.

  • Refer a friend and earn 1000 points.

  • Get 50 points for each posted product review.

Your rewards

  • 1500 points -5% off your order with promo code FIDELITE5
  • 2500 points -10% off your order with promo code FIDELITE10
  • 2000 points 1 Ere Perez Australian Blue
    Cypress Face Nectar
    Full size 30ml (value €41
    complimentary in your order with promo code CADEAU.
  • VIP member Surprises and personalized gifts
    Exclusive private sales & exclusive preview offers
    from 10 000 points earned during the past year

Refer a friend

Give your friends free delivery (from 50€ purchase), and for you, a loyalty bonus of 1000 points for each successful referral - referrals only applicable to new customers.

Please check your email address
Unknown password.

Your questions, answered

  • How to register for the My Ecocentric loyalty program?
    No registration necessary. From your first order you automatically earn the loyalty points with your purchase.

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  • How do I know how many points I have?
    Simply log into your online customer account HERE you can view your number of points available at any time.

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  • Do my points have an expiry date?
    No, your points are permanently acquired, they will always remain on your account without any expiration date. Every time you shop, you can redeem all, some or none of your points. The choice is yours.

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  • When are my product review points credited?
    Points will be credited when your review is published after it has been validated by our team - only reviews posted on products already purchased on our site can be validated. Allow a few days for your points to be credited to your loyalty account. Share your love !

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  • Can my loyalty discount be combined with other offers or promotions?
    Your loyalty discount cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. You will therefore not be able to benefit from your discount and a gift with purchase on the same order. If your order contains discounted products, your discount will only apply to the other products in your order.

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  • How do you calculate the points I earn with my order ?
    Every 1€ you have spent = 10 points you earn, with the exception of gift cards. The number of points is calculated on the order amount excluding shipping costs.

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  • I registered an order with my loyalty code without paying for it, I cannot use my code on a new order, why?
    If you have registered an order by entering your loyalty code to apply your discount but without validating payment, your points are now blocked on this order. To release them and use them on a new order, simply ask us by email or via the contact form to delete this previous order.

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  • My question was not answered, how can I reach out for more information ?
    You can reach out to us by email  or via contact form with your questions and our team will gladly help answer any of your questions.

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