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The opportunity to be tempted by the best of clean beauty with smooth price or a pretty ecological fashion accessory, very limited stocks.




6 new beautiful longwearing, crease-proof eye shadows with a luminous, light-reflective finish.




Imagine that your skin is as thin and sensitive as that of a frog ... the clean and concentrated Holifrog skincare products are made for you!




Inspired by injections, this potent Patyka treatment instantly and durably fills all types of wrinkles thanks to its formula concentrated in biotechnological active ingredients.


The best of certified organic, natural & clean beauty

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Our concept

  • Since 2009, we are committed to promote a different beauty, respectful of your health and the planet.

    Because it is sometimes difficult to chose and as some brands and retailers multiply misleading claims, we have rigorously selected organic skincare and natural cosmetics brands that have nothing to hide.

    We say NO to unnecessary chemicals, harmful or potentially dangerous ingredients or those which simply have nothing to do in our bathroom, to formulas without concentration or real effectiveness, to overwrapping...

    And YES to natural and noble ingredients, to beauty products that are good for you - and you can see it, to the latest innovations in green skincare, to committed and avant-garde clean beauty brands.

    So why not start to really take care of yourself with effective, sensory and clean beauty products ?

  • Boutique en ligne de cosmétique bio et naturelle

  • Ethics

    Formulas are closely analyzed to avoid controversial ingredients, misleading promises, greenwashing and "empty" formulas without any real efficiency.

  • Expertise

    Systematic tests of the effectiveness of formulas and personalized advice to help you build a clean beauty routine that is tailored to you and a source of pleasure.

  • Transparency

    Complete and transparent information: exhaustive compositions, decrypted active ingredients, labels... to serenely choose your beauty products.

  • Commitment

    A sustainable approach with ecological parcels made from recycled & recyclable materials, carbon neutral delivery and 1 tree planted with each order.

Our stores

  • Clean beauty shop in Lyon

    Boutique Grand Hôtel-Dieu
    9 rue Marcel-Gabriel Rivière
    69002 Lyon
    04 37 57 43 27


  • Organic clean beauty shop in Paris

    Boutique Marais
    16 rue de Turenne
    75004 Paris
    09 75 84 40 97