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  • Our story


    It was at the age of 21 that I became a user of natural skincare. It's not common for a young man to be interested in beauty products, but life gave me no choice: my face was then badly burned during an internship in China.

    I was lucky at the time to meet a traditional Chinese doctor who concocted me a mixture - I had no other word to describe it at the time - made from plants and sesame. Thick, smelly, brown, it nevertheless saved my skin!

    Since then I have always needed to pay great attention to my skin, which has become fragile... and very demanding! Back in France, I started looking for a cream that could "do the job".

    As a student in engineering school in Paris, my scientific culture pushed me to analyze what was used in the beauty products sold in perfumeries and supermarkets. I quickly stopped using these chemical time bombs and immediately turned to organic and natural skincare.

    Both convinced of its effectiveness by my Chinese experience and decided not to fall back into the sticky mixture with the unpleasant smell, I began to look for natural beauty brands that "ticked all the boxes".

    Having become passionate about and expert in cosmetic formulas and active ingredients, convinced that these little-known beauty brands deserve to be more widely spread and known and that the world of beauty must imperatively evolve, I created Ecocentric. It was in 2009. 

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ECOCENTRIC [eko-sãtrik] adj.

Contraction of the words "egocentric" (self-centered), "ecological" (respectful of the environment) and "concentric" (having the same origin).

Refers to a person whose demand for the best for oneself spreads positively on a global scale.

    • Our mission: your beauty


      Today I share this mission in the service of a more natural beauty, often called "green" or "clean", with my expert and amazing teams in our stores that you may have already had the chance to meet.

      It is with passion that we are committed to a different beauty, respectful of your health and the planet. Our selection rules out ingredients that are superfluous, questionable, potentially dangerous or which simply have nothing to do in our bathroom, formulas without concentration or real effectiveness, brands that are just about greenwashing...

      What we love are the natural and noble ingredients, the skincare products that really do good - and you can see it, the latest innovations in green beauty, the committed and avant-garde natural cosmetics brands.

      Last but not least, we are here to advise you. Being experts in natural beauty means taking the time to listen to you and understand you so that together we can find a beauty routine that matches your values ​​(made in France, organic certification, 100% natural formulation, etc.) , your precautionary principle (formula without synthetic preservatives, without essential oils ...), and your needs (skin condition, budget ...).

      So see you soon in store or online to help you really take care of yourself !

    • Natural beauty store in Paris

  • TransparencyComplete and transparent information: exhaustive compositions, decrypted active ingredients, labels... to serenely choose your beauty products.

  • EfficiencySystematic tests of the effectiveness of the products for several weeks and a detailed analysis of the composition to rule out formulas without concentration or real results.

  • EthicsAll our brands share our commitments for beauty that is more respectful of the planet (carbon footprint) and human beings (fair trade, artisanal & local manufacturing).

  • PleasureBecause beauty is also a matter of pleasure, we pay particular attention to the sensoriality and aesthetics of our products for an absolute beauty experience.