Our reforestation program

Thanks to your order, Ecocentric plants trees

At Ecocentric we do everything to limit our impact on the planet: 100% recycled packaging, carbon neutral shipments ...

But in addition to these daily actions, we have been involved alongside the Planète Urgence organization since our creation in 2009 with our reforestation program.

Thanks to you, we have already planted tens of thousands of trees!

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Created in 2000 around their one of a kind Congé Solidaire® commitment program, Planète Urgence is managed and administered by former managers of Médecins du Monde, Handicap International, Greenpeace and business leaders.

Its actions are centered around professional training and support for adults, socio-educational support, protection and restoration of biodiversity, agroforestry and the fight against deforestation.


Website : www.planete-urgence.org


The reforestation program

Since 2007, Planète Urgence has been working in Indonesia to reforest mangrove forests and support the development of populations living in coastal areas. More than 3,400,000 trees have already been replanted in the provinces of North Sumatra and Aceh.

The objectives of the reforestation program in Indonesia are multiple:

  • Restoration of a unique ecosystem
  • Fight against climate change
  • Economic development of populations
  • Protection of endangered endemic species

With loss rates exceeding those of tropical forests and coral reefs, mangroves are currently the most threatened ecosystem in the world. In Indonesia, the Ministry of Forests estimates that each year between 50,000 and 100,000 hectares of mangroves are lost.

With the largest area of ​​mangroves in the world, Indonesia is a key country in the fight against global warming and environmental protection. The mangrove is a unique ecosystem which not only represents a formidable reservoir of biological diversity, but also concentrates very significant quantities of greenhouse gases.

Planète Urgence's action makes it possible to stem this massive destruction of mangroves and its dramatic consequences: rise in sea level, erosion of the coastline, flooding seriously threatening the habitat of local communities...

Planète Urgence's reforestation program also has a social impact: the association locally supports the development of a sustainable aquaculture model in basins reforested in previous years to encourage residents to preserve the reconstituted mangrove swamp.

Reforestation Mangrove Reforestation Indonésie Reforestation Planète Urgence

Thank you !

Through your loyalty and your trust, you bring this partnership to life, which is so important to us and which allowed thousands of trees to be replanted.

Many of you also contribute directly to this program by planting a tree with your order. We would therefore like to thank you warmly for your commitment and your generosity.