Gressa - Natural orange blossom water face toner Rejuvenating Mist

Rejuvenating Mist

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Gressa organic face toner Rejuvenating Mist

Rejuvenating Mist by Gressa is an indulgent organic floral mist made from the precious Neroli water.

For a perfectly refreshing experience, this Gressa all natural moisturizing facial toner is infused with pure Moroccan orange blossom petals.

Skin is refreshed, rejuvenated and soothed. Rejuvenating Mist is ideal for all skin types, especially combination-oily and sensitive skin.

Key ingredient
  • Neroli – stimulates circulation and skin cell regeneration ; skin toning and brightening properties

Organic face mist for all skin types.


100% of ingredients from natural origin


*Neroli (Moroccan Orange Blossom) Distillate.

*Certified Organic


Close eyes. Spray 3-4 pumps of Gressa Rejuvenating Mist on entire face, neck, and décolleté.

Nourish immediately.


Born out of a passion for traditional herbalism and science, Gressa elevates green beauty and makeup with luxurious botanical blends.

With the philosophy that cosmetics and makeup should be skincare-driven - effective and rich in natural and organic active plant extracts -, Gressa fuses the power of ancient ingredients with the beauty of natural pigments in modern formulations.

The proprietary formulas of Gressa makeup line are enriched with vitamin-rich botanicals like organic broccoli seed oil and rosehip seed oil, both incredibly emollient and clinically proven ingredients for clarity, even skin tone and more graceful aging.

Remaining true to its natural beauty ethos and being made in-house, Gressa makeup products use only the best-sourced ingredients and are free of harmful silicones and preservatives.


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