Susanne Kaufmann - Alkali Salt deacidifying and detoxifying bath salt powder
Susanne Kaufmann

Alkali Salt deacidifying

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Susanne Kaufmann natural alkaline bath powder

The Alkali Salt deacidifying by Susanne Kaufman is an all natural bath powder that helps to reduce the acidity of the skin, promotes the elimination of toxins and sets blocked body energies free.

This natural deacidifying bath salt provides holistic benefits for the entire body and can be used in various different ways: as a bath for restoring the acid-base balance, after intense sporting activity, to reduce stress, for the treatment of skin disorders, for global regeneration or for foot baths. Through the feet our body detoxifies the most.

Formulated with whey, the Susanne Kaufmann alkaline bath powder has a nourishing effect to leave skin feeling velvety soft.

Key ingredients
  • Whey – supports the natural acid mantle of the skin to protect against harmful bacteria and toxins ; easily tolerated by sensitive skin prone to allergies
  • Sea salt – rich in mineral salts
  • Licorice – moisturizing, soothing and anti-inflammatory properties ; helps fight redness and irritation

Organic deacidifying bath salt for all skin types, safe for sensitive skin.



Sodium bicarbonate, maris sal (sea salt), lactis proteinum (whey) powder, parfum (fragrance from natural scents), limonene*, dipotassium glycyrrhizate, linalool*

* from essential oils


How to use Susanne Kaufmann deacidifying Bath powder

Add four tablespoons of Alkali Salt deacidifying per bath and then bathe for at least 30 minutes at a water temperature of approximately 37°C.

For a foot bath, add 1 spoon of deacidifying salt to the water, or use 8 spoons for a foot scrub.

Susanne Kaufmann

Susanne Kaufmann is an internationally renowned holistic care line of organic skin treatments that are natural, results-oriented, kind to skin and dermatologically tested.


The Susanne Kaufmann beauty products are made by hand in the Austrian Alps with the greatest of care in small-scale batches, using only natural ingredients that mutually supplement and enhance each other.


The especially high percentage of active plant ingredients, from the highest quality, results in effective skincare which provide an intensive effect that can be felt immediately. Susanne Kaufmann products will visibly help to improve and protect your skin !

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