Kure Bazaar - 3 Kure Bazaar nail polish colors box
Kure Bazaar

3 Kure Bazaar nail polish box (colors of your choice)

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3 Kure Bazaar nail polish colors gift box
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Here is a tailor-made Kure Bazaar gift box to offer 3 Kure Bazaar nail lacquers.

Up to 90% of natural origin, Kure Bazaar nail varnish made with wood pulp, cotton, maize, potato and wheat restore health, vitality and beauty to the nails.

How to receive your Kure Bazaar gift box ?

1. Add your 3 Kure Bazaar nail lacquers to your basket
2. Simply ask for your free gift box as a comment on your order

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Kure Bazaar

THE new generation nail polish is born : both natural and trendy, Kure Bazaar is the first nail lacquer to combine fashion and eco-consciousness.


After years of research, an unique innovation enables Kure Bazaar to use wood, corn, cotton... instead of dangerous chemicals such as toluene, formaldehyde or phtalates... with no compromise on results : high-shine, fast-drying, long-wearing lacquers.


Suit your emerging style, from elegant to daring, with Kure Bazaar natural nail lacquers collection's expert hues.

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