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RMS Beauty

Eye Polish brush

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RMS Beauty eye brush for eye polish

The RMS Beauty eye polish brush has been designed with high-end, ultra-soft bristles to make a perfect application that is synergistic with the skin and to ensure that just the right amount of color is picked up from your RMS eye polish pot.

Designed with a rounded, elongated head to get into every angle of the eyelid, this must-have tool was created by Rose-Marie Swift for longer-lasting wear and easier blending capabilities for cream shadows.

This brush is free of animal hair and is completely vegan.
To be used with your RMS Beauty eye polishes.


RMS Beauty Eye Polish brush is perfect to apply minimally as color is richly pigmented and goes a long way. Firmly press the product into the skin to create an even, natural-looking finish. 

This RMS brush is free of animal hair and is completely vegan.

RMs Beauty

RMS Beauty makeup products are about more than simply using organic ingredients, it's about pure and natural makeup that actually heals and nourishes skin.


Formulated with raw, food grade and organic ingredients in their purest form, keeping all nutrients and healing properties alive, RMS Beauty products have amazing nourishing and anti-aging effects. Consider it skin care with mineral color.


Founded by famous make-up artist Rose-Marie Swift, RMS Beauty is dedicated to transforming the way women use makeup : a revolutionary simplicity that takes minutes to apply, but adds a wealth of vital nutrients to your skin.

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Average rating 5/5 , based on 1 reviews.

  1. by B - on 21/07/2016

    Pinceau très étonnant qui fait tout mieux que le doigt ! On peut poser ou diffuser ou estomper le maquillage... Bref il permet un beau travail des ombres RMS. Il est très facile à nettoyer et sèche en un clin d'œil.

    Rating : 5 sur 5

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