Gressa - Vegan Precision Lip Brush

Precision Lip Brush

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GRESSA quality lip balm brush

The Precision Lip Brush by Gressa delivers just the right amount of lip color for a smooth, gorgeous pout.

This precisely shaped brush also doubles as a concealer brush to make imperfections vanish.

Vegan high quality make up brush for the lips.


How to use Gressa Skin Precision Lip Brush

Pick up some lipstick / lip balm with the Precision Lip Brush and place it in the center of the lower lip. Press lips together and distribute color to the corners.

Using the Gressa Skin brush, precisely trace the contours and cupid's bow for glamorous lips.


Born out of a passion for traditional herbalism and science, Gressa elevates green beauty and makeup with luxurious botanical blends.

With the philosophy that cosmetics and makeup should be skincare-driven - effective and rich in natural and organic active plant extracts -, Gressa fuses the power of ancient ingredients with the beauty of natural pigments in modern formulations.

The proprietary formulas of Gressa makeup line are enriched with vitamin-rich botanicals like organic broccoli seed oil and rosehip seed oil, both incredibly emollient and clinically proven ingredients for clarity, even skin tone and more graceful aging.

Remaining true to its natural beauty ethos and being made in-house, Gressa makeup products use only the best-sourced ingredients and are free of harmful silicones and preservatives.


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