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Flat Stomach Detox - Reduces waist size

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D-LAB Special slimming dietary supplement 

D-LAB Flat Stomach Detox is a natural formula that improves daily digestive and intestinal comfort, while activating weight loss and helping you rediscover a long-lasting flat stomach. Concentrated and ultra-complete, this supplement combines probiotics, plant extracts, clay and charcoal to promote detox and weight loss at the abdominal belt. Thus, this detox formula combines 3 specific actions:

  • Detoxifies the digestive organs by stimulating liver and biliary functions : Activated charcoal, fennel promote detox and boldo improves liver and biliary functions and promotes digestive comfort. Swelling and bloating sensations are thus reduced on a daily basis.
  • Improves intestinal comfort and elimination processes : By promoting the proper functioning of the intestines and in helping to durably balance the transit through probiotics that reactivate and preserve the intestinal flora. Clay and Vichy thermal salts offer lasting balancing benefits and fennel activates the transit to improve the intestinal well-being on a daily basis.
  • Fight against abdominal curves : Through algae and especially fucus that will promote weight loss. The fucus, rich in mucilages, attenuates natural caloric intake and iodine activates metabolism. This association will contribute to weight loss. Thus, the abdominal curves are quickly attenuated, the hips are refined and the waist circumference is reduced.

When should you use D-LAB Flat Stomach Detox natural capsules :

+ Localized fat at the waistline and hips
+ Swollen stomach
+ Bloated sensations after meals
+ Constipation during mood changes, in times of stress and/or after starting a diet

100% natural slimming dietary supplement.


100% of all ingredients are from natural origin


Fennel (Seed) - Foeniculum vulgare (200 mg) - Boldo (leaf) - Peumus boldus Molina (200 mg) - Vegetable capsule : Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose - Beige Montmorillonite Clay (150 mg) - Vegetable coal (100 mg) - Mix of 5 lactic ferments (100 mg): Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus casei, Bifidobacterium bifidum, Bifidobacterium animalis lactis - Rockweed (thallus) - Fucus vesiculosus (50 mg) - Lithothamne (algae) - Phymatolithon calcareum (50 mg) - Thermal Salts (40 mg) - Anticaking agent: Magnesium stearate

Vegetable cellulose capsule.

Directions for use

Directions for use

2 capsules in the morning with a full glass of water.
Renewal of the cure
Take treatment for 1 or 2 months, renew as much as desired.
Glass bottle, 56 vegetarian capsules, 28 day treatment.


D-Lab is a professional nutricosmetics laboratory for made in France and natural beauty food supplements.


Formulated by health and beauty experts, D-Lab's cosmetic capsules are packed with natural and powerful ingredients to provide an internal resource that helps each woman unlock and nourish her natural beauty.


Designed to target specific needs in the daily beauty routine and providing transformative results, the D-Lab cosmeto-food works from the inside-out for comprehensive, long-lasting action.


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