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Black Jade Roller

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Absolution jade roller face massage beauty tool

How does the jade roller improve the skin?
The beneficial action of the jade roller can be explained very simply by the stimulation of skin tissue which boosts lymphatic circulation. The lymphatic system, located just under the skin, is a complex network that is our body drainage system, carrying a watery fluid rich in white blood cells called lymph. Unlike the blood system, the lymphatic system does not have the equivalent of the heart which would act as a "pump"; it must therefore be stimulated manually and on a regular basis.

Absolution Skincare uses black jade for its jade roller as black jade is considered in lithotherapy to be the stone of inner balance. Protective, balancing, regenerating, purifying and calming stone, black jade is known to promote the elimination of pollutants present in the body while respecting the most fragile and delicate skin.
  • Plumps the skin, smooths wrinkles and improves elasticity
  • Promotes good blood circulation and oxygenates the tissues for a radiant complexion
  • Reduces dark circles and bags under the eyes
  • Drains and facilitates the evacuation of toxins for healthy skin
  • Reduces pore size
  • Fastens skin healing
  • Promotes the penetration of active ingredients

Jade Roller massage tool in black jade for all skin types.


Directions for use

Massage the face with the black jade stone roller by Absolution, smoothing from the inside of the face to the outside, and always in upward movements.

Use the jade roller preferably in the morning as soon as you wake up to promote the drainage of toxins eliminated during the night detoxification phase.

Care of the jade stone: clean the jade roller under running water and do not use salt. Recharge it in sunlight or lunar light.

Beauty tip:
You can use the jade roller on dry skin, or after massaging 2 drops of Addiction face oil beforehand if your skin is not comfortable enough.
Store Absolution Jade Roller in the fridge to boost its radiance and pore action.


Your skin is unique: it reflects your emotions, your environment, your intimacy. Like you, its needs change everyday.


This is why Absolution was created, a certified organic, anti-aging, unisex and made to measure skincare range, easily adaptable to your skin’s moods and requirements.


Absolution offers a new approach of beauty : more simplicity, highly organic skincare that are customizable to the different skin's moods, each day as it comes... for men and for women.


The first unisex bespoke certified organic cosmetics brand.

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