Clé des Champs - Natural hydrating solution for summer season
Clé des champs

Summer hydrating duo : Serum + Mask

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Clé des Champs summer organic hydrating duo

In summer, the heat has many consequences : the microcirculation is less dynamic and the pores are more dilated which makes the skin suffer from redness and dehydration. Sweating also deprives the skin of many mineral salts essential for its vitality.

This Clé des Champs skincare duo combines several seasonal organic active botanicals to specifically meet the needs of the skin at this time of the year.

Content of Clé des Champs hydrating duo :
  • Summer serum
    It naturally stimulates and smoothes the skin, decongests epidermal tissues and reduces redness associated with heat while refining the skin texture.
  • Spring / Summer hydrating face mask (FREE)
    Formulated with tomato leaves extracts, this organic velvety smooth mask with extreme hydrating power softens and quenches the skin. The face is plumped and the complexion is radiant.
  • Organic cotton pouch

Organic hydrating skin care for all skin types.



For detailled ingredient lists of Clé des Champs collection products please see each Clé des Champs  product page.


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Clé des Champs is the first collection of certified organic skincare that treats and revitalizes the skin in harmony with the biorhythm of the seasons with a perfectly targeted beauty solution.

As the seasons change, so does the skin : it experiences different cycles and energies throughout the year. Clé des Champs skin care products are tailored to those with a select bouquet of natural essences and seasonal ingredients as Nature intended it to be.

Protective in winter, detoxifying in spring, regenerating in summer, purifying in autumn ... Clé des Champs natural beauty products are concentrated, clean and freshly made in France formulas to activate the skin’s seasonal forces and balances.

Truly effective, each Clé des Champs organic seasonal beauty ritual offers a unique experience, an immediate comfort and a radiant and luminous complexion.


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