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Based on strong ecological values, the Pachamamaï brand is the reference for solid and zero waste ethical beauty products.

Pachamamaï through its commitment to sustainable skin and hair care, through its innovations and the development of ultra gentle formulas offers the best of the Earth, all you need to reconnect with Nature.

Handcrafted in France in the respect for people and the environment, Pachamamaï solid beauty products are very rich in natural active ingredients for the well-being of the skin, the hair and the planet.

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Why we love PACHAMAMAI ?

  • Its commitment to certified organic + zero waste beauty
  • Its natural & ethical ingredients
  • Its skincare, soaps and solid shampoos made by hand in France

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    Pachamamaï is a French organic brand of solid and committed cosmetic products, handmade in the Chevreuse Valley in France from natural ingredients resulting from a fair trade approach.

    Named after the goddess Mother Earth in Quechua (Peru), the Pachamamaï brand of natural beauty products combines the ancestral know-how of this region of the world, knowledge and love of nature, respect for people and the environment with innovative formulations.

    The result is a respectful natural cosmetic with treasures of benefits to recover your skin and hair while reconnecting you to your senses.

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History of the brand PACHAMAMAÏ

  • Ludvina Sanchez, founder of the Pachamamaï brand, was born in Peru and arrived in France as a child. The difference between these two cultures inspired her curiosity and her universe.

    In 2013, Ludvina Sanchez, then a consultant in human-environment balances, launched herself into natural cosmetics with the support of her son, a chemist by training. She created her brand of solid cosmetics Pachamamaï which means "My Nourishing Earth" in Quechua (a family of languages spoken in Peru). This conversion is the logical consequence of her appreciation of community resources and the maintenance of harmony between man and nature.

    At the beginning, it was only a personal commitment to a cosmetic that was kind to the skin and the planet, but today Pachamamaï has become a collective adventure! The Pachamamaï brand is the story of a common philosophy: respect for the Earth and for Man.

    A team of 5 people united around the same desire: to offer respectful care products based on ingredients from the best of nature by favouring an eco-responsible approach.

    It is with this sincere commitment that Pachamamaï is today a reference in terms of natural, ethical and responsible skincare with its wide variety of products: solid shampoos, solid make-up remover, cold saponified soaps, face care, etc.

  • Founder of the natural brand Pachamamai



    Ludvina Sanchez, designer of the Pachamamaï brand

The values of the organic brand PACHAMAMAÏ

The organic cosmetics brand Pachamamaï is committed to guaranteeing cosmetics that respect people, nature and animals. The consideration of biodiversity and the protection of resources are at the heart of the ethical approach and the creation of each Pachamamaï natural product.

Pachamamaï, the solid skin care brand, values the work and knowledge of the producing communities as well as their raw materials while participating in the development of communities and the improvement of their living conditions through ethical sourcing in the spirit of fair trade. The Man & Nature programme supports them in this process by putting them in touch with various NGOs and local structures in the South.

Working directly with the producing communities allows Pachamamaï, a brand of solid and eco-responsible skincare products, to know the exact origin of the ingredients, to guarantee their quality and to follow them until they arrive in their organic cosmetic manufacturing workshop in France.

This is the DNA of the Pachamamaï brand. A philosophy that goes far beyond words: it is translated into action every day, at all levels of the company.


The solid beauty products of the natural brand PACHAMAMAÏ


    Organic zero waste shampoo Pachamamaï


    The organic and "zero waste" solid shampoo from the French brand Pachamamaï

  • Pachamamaï's natural solid soaps and cosmetics are handcrafted in France with organic ingredients rigorously selected for their properties and exceptional quality and meeting ethical, social and environmental criteria.

    The brand of zero waste beauty products offers innovative formulas preserving the benefits of the active ingredients through cold saponification. Pachamamaï emphasises respect for nature, particularly by reducing waste by offering products in bulk, refillable or with biodegradable packaging.

    Thanks to this consistency and its 360° approach, Pachamamaï was the first French brand to be certified Cruelty Free & Vegan by PETA, is one of the brands awarded the "Slow Cosmetics" label and is recognised by the Zero Waste France association.

    By choosing Pachamamai, you offer your skin and hair products rich in natural active ingredients, formulated with gentle compositions and no over-packaging to preserve resources and aim for a zero waste beauty approach.


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