Created in 2005, Daynà was born of the cooperation between two men and their expertise: Pascal Tribouillier, renowned colourist hairdresser and Gil Grillo, biologist, who reinterpreted Indian expertise in hair care.

Daynà hair care formulas are entirely developed in the spirit of Ayurveda, using natural ingredients (ayurvedic oils and plants), without any chemicals, in order to provide the hair with unique treatments inspired by Indian traditional medicine.

For natural hair care but also for scalp's balance and health, French brand Daynà has created essential hair products with concentrated Ayurvedic formulas.

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Why we love DAYNA ?

  • Its ancestral Ayurvedic formulas
  • Its commitment to fair trade
  • Its high quality ingredients

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  • Logo of the Daynà hair care brand

    Daynà hair care products are the result of extensive research undertaken by Pascal Tribouillier and Gil Grillo with artisans specialising in Ayurveda (traditional medicine from southern India).

    Daynà offers Ayurvedic treatments, but also innovative formulas, inspired by Ayurveda, more adapted to Western habits.


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Historyof the Daynà brand

  • Daynà hair care products were born in 2005, with the aim of designing natural hair care products based on effective Ayurvedic recipes.

    Daynà is the result of the meeting of two men: Pascal Tribouillier, a hairdresser and colourist who has worked in the fields of fashion (on the catwalks of G. Versace, and for the Next and Metropolitan modelling agencies, etc.), show business, television and cinema, where he approaches a demanding clientele that has become faithful, and Gil Grillo, a biologist. Through his work, Pascal has been confronted with the damage caused by chemicals to hair.

    Through their numerous trips to India, the two men discovered a totally different way of caring for hair. In particular, they noticed the respect that women have for their hair. In the tradition, when a woman has no financial means, the only offering she can make is her hair, so she takes extreme care of it! This is how they became interested in the ancestral Indian know-how in the field of natural hair care based on Ayurvedic plants.

    With the creation of this brand, the two men concentrate their efforts on the nutrition and hydration of the hair and scalp. The main goal is to counteract the natural drying out and the effects of chemical aggression caused by the colouring process.

    The Daynà brand offers both traditional Ayurvedic recipes, as well as oils and products specially designed according to innovative combinations, inspired by Ayurveda and more adapted to a Western woman, with textures and scents offering greater comfort of use.

    Daynà natural hair products are suitable for all hair types.

  • Pascal and Gil - creators of the Daynà brand


    Pascal and Gil - creators of the Daynà brand

The commitments of the Daynà brand

The formulas of Daynà products are inspired by ancestral recipes dating back more than 3,000 years and are entirely natural, based on plant oils, without any chemicals. Of course, no product is tested on animals.

The packaging of the products is reduced to a strict minimum, using only noble and recyclable materials such as glass, wood and recycled paper.

Daynà uses craftsmen from the south of India, in order to participate in the safeguarding of know-how and the creation of employment in the poorest rural areas, far from the large urban centres in full economic development.

All the transport of the goods is entrusted to the association Le douanier Vert, which works for the integration through work of precarious populations.

In addition, Daynà offsets the CO2 emissions caused by the import of goods from India by paying an indemnity to GERES (Groupe Energies Renouvelables, Environnement et Solidarité) as part of the CO2-Solidaire operation.

The values of the Daynà brand

  • Daynà vegan hair care brand


    Hair products of the natural brand Daynà

  • Daynà shampoo and Ayurvedic oils are real treatments for the hair, from the roots to the ends.

    The effectiveness of Ayurvedic plants has been proven by centuries of use: the scalp is healthy, the lengths are nourished and the ends are repaired.

    Daynà's objective is to bring the Indian and Western populations closer together culturally by highlighting local Indian know-how and traditions (in the field of hair care) in order to make Western women aware of the importance of natural hair care, by affirming the quality and effectiveness of the products.

    The various partners of the Daynà brand are part of a "world citizen" approach by respecting people and the environment, by following the ethics of fair trade and by establishing a maximum of transparency in each stage of the process.

Massage, an essential practice in Ayurveda

  • Traditional Ayurvedic medicine has been practiced for over three millennia. Its effectiveness has been proven through its comprehensive healing system which aims to balance mind, body and spirit.

    In India, massage is very important, as the scalp is considered an extension of the epidermis and should receive the same attention and care as the epidermis. Thus, from generation to generation, head massage has been developed and modernised, varying according to region, climate and person.

    Head massage has many virtues, including calming the scalp sensitised by colouring or daily aggressions, revitalising the scalp by eliminating residues at the roots, toning the scalp by stimulating blood circulation, providing a feeling of well-being, activating sensory receptors and dissipating headaches or eye tension.

  • Head massage with Daynà products


    Head massage with Daynà products

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