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Organic herbal and detox teas, essential oil-based aromatherapy, Bach flowers, ayurveda….Ecocentric unveils the secrets of well-being.

Our organic nutritional supplements and bio-nutrients, natural scented candles and plant herbal teas offer you Nature’s benefits and essential nutrients. Your new health and beauty ally !

To the delight of connoisseurs, we have selected the best organic teas: organic tea leaves from the most beautiful gardens, bursting with untouched flavors and providing intact benefits.

Our special picks

  See more   Dr. Hauschka - Organic Birch Arnica Energising Body Oil Dr. Hauschka Birch Arnica Energising Body Oil 18,90 €
  See more   new Organic chocolate truffles Ecocentric Organic chocolate truffles 1,50 €
  Great for : Moisture, Beauty   D-Lab - 100% natural dietary supplement for dry skin Pure Omega 3 D-Lab Pure Omega-3 - Nutrition & hydration concentrate 26,80 €
  Great for : Antioxydant   D-Lab - Soothed Skin Complex - Sensitive skin D-Lab Soothed Skin Complex - Sensitive skin 27,00 €