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Cut by Fred

Buy Cut by Fred solid organic shampoo sticks and vegan hair products

Fred from the Parisian hair studio Cut by Fred is the hairdresser of stars like Mélanie Laurent or Marion Cotillard.

Fred was tired of products that do not respect the environment or the hair and noticed that most people have bad hair habits : they wash too much the hair but not enough the scalp.

Aware of the drawbacks of solid shampoo, he had the idea to create the first solid stick shampoo ! Made in the South of France with clean natural and vegan formulas, Cut by Fred stick shampoos will revolutionize solid shampoo and the way you wash your hair.

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  • Vegan Volume Powder - Cut by Fred Cut by Fred Vegan Volume Powder 15,00 €  (from) new
  • Detox stick shampoo - Cut by Fred Cut by Fred Detox stick shampoo 12,00 €  (from)
  • Surf Mist - Beach spirit spray - Cut by Fred Cut by Fred Surf Mist - Beach spirit spray 25,00 €
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