D-LAB - food supplement against brown spots and dull complexion

Luminous Skin Complex - Pigmented dull skin

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D-LAB food supplement against dull complexion

D-LAB Luminous Skin Complex is an innovating cocktail of 7 active ingredients wich revives the natural glow, reduces the pigmentary spots, improves skin texture, limits the appearance of skin irregularities and protects the skin from the daily agressions for a radiant skin. 

Ideal to reduce the intensity of brown spots and to find a clear and fresh complexion !

When should you use D-LAB Luminous Skin Complex natural capsules : 

  • Heterogeneous skin pigmentation and brown spots
  • Tarnished complexion and dulled hair, asphyxiated skin
  • Age signs prevention 
  • To naturally preserve cell youth 

D-LAB  Luminous Skin Complex results after 28 days of treatment :
(Clinical study carried out on 30 women over 45 years of age for 2 months)

  • Reduction of brown spots : 12,5%
  • Unified and radiant complexion
  • Improvement in firmness, elasticity and tiredness*
  • Reduction of wrinkles number and depth  : 15%
*Ability of the skin to recover all its mechanical properties after many solicitations.

Natural food supplement against skin spots and dull complexion. 



Concentrated camu-camu juice 480 mg including vitamin C 48 mg 60% NRV2; fruit - Extract of maritime pine from the Landes titrated in OPC (Oligo-ProanthoCyanidines) 100 mg (EPS1 100 g); bark - Vegetable capsule: Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose - Lodhra extract 80 mg (EPS1 320 mg); bark - Pomegranate extract 60 mg (EPS1 840 mg); fruit - Purslane extract 60 mg (EPS1 300 mg); aerial part - Vichy thermal salts 60 mg - Vitamin E 24 mg 200% VNR2 - Anticaking agent: cocoa powder.

Vegetable cellulose capsule.

Directions for use

Directions for use

1 pill chew or swallow, during 28 days.
First effects : 
Visible in around 20 days.
Renewal of the cure : 
It is recommended to follow this program for 2 months to obtain optimal results. Renew the program as often as desired.
Glass jar, 28 pills, program of 28 days.


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