Stella Me - Stay Strong Detox Patch for energy and drive
Stella Me

Stay Strong detox patch - Energy & drive

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Stella Me original Detox natural patch for energy and drive

Stella Me is the detox revolution we were all waiting for : simply stick these patches on the soles of your feet to detoxify and purify your body during the night.

Made from 100% natural ingredients, Stay Strong patch is packed with relaxing and reviving plant extracts that help feeling good and boost your energy levels.

Based on a recipe of an ancient asian tradition back in the 16th century, Stella Me uses the power of herbs and plants to cleanse the body and eliminate toxins, stress-related hormones and contaminants.

As a result : metabolism is stimulated, lose weight is made easier, skin looks healthier, the immune system is reinforced!

Effects are stunning ! Everyone who has tried Stella Me's patches once, wants to experience it again and again
and again. Simply try it yourself and you will also soon be a detox fan !

When should you use the Stay Strong patch

  • Restless sleep
  • Lack of energy or drive
  • Burning the candles at both ends

Key ingredients

  • tourmaline – detox power
  • chitosan – reduces body fat
  • agaric – protective power ; stimulates the immune system 
  • eucalyptus – antiseptic properties
  • bamboo – purifies the skin

100% natural detox patch against lack of energy


100% of ingredients are from natural origin


Black tourmaline powder, chitosan, oak wood vinegar, agaricus mushroom, bamboo vinegar, eucalyptus, houttuynia cordata, starch

Directions for use


- For a cure treatment spread 7 nights of treatment in a month (one treatment every 3/4 nights)

- Can be used more intensively in case of repeated food and beverage abuses or on an one time basis after an evening with a little too much to drink so that you less suffer its consequences the morning after

Directions for use

A one night treatment requires 2 Original Detox patches, 1 for each foot:

1. Remove the film on the back of the adhesive pad

2. Remove the patch's protective plactic sachet

3. Place the patch, printed side down, in the center of the adhesive side of the pad - so that the porous and white side of the patch is in contact with the foot

4. Stick a patch on the sole of each foot before going to bed

5. In the morning, remove the patches and wash feet.

Tip: To enhance the effectiveness of patches, you can use thin socks for the first night.

Not suitable during pregnancy or lactation.


Stella Me is the detox revolution we were all waiting for : no drastic diet, no stress and no effort !


These foot patches made of plant extracts absorb toxins from our body during the night. Even better, their natural relaxing properties keep working long into the night ensuring peaceful sleep.


The 100% natural ingredients include lavender, eucalyptus juice, bamboo vinegar, green tea and some more. This recipe based on the Asian traditions detoxifies the body and helps eliminate the negative substances we are exposed to during the day.


Too good to be true? It sprang to our mind, then we've tried the Stella Me' detox patches...

Detox foot patch Toxic Twins


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  1. by Chabot Claire - on 01/02/2021

    Super, commande arrivée très rapidement, produit fabuleux cure à refaire très vite et merci pour les 3 échantillons offerts inclus Madara

    Rating : 5 sur 5

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