Odacité - Immediate skin perfecting beauty mask Synergie [4]

Synergie [4] - Immediate skin perfecting beauty mask

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Odacité face mask Synergie [4]

At the heart of this skin-perfecting masque: 4 synergies of ingredients to detox, peel, brighten and boost firmness.

This mask is pure skin magic, offering a synergistic system that helps create maximum skin impact.
Formulated with important cofactor ingredients that work synergistically with one another, this extraordinary Odacité 100% natural mask delivers results after the very first application !

Synergy #1 : Detox and purify pores
Kaolin and bentonite clays & charcoal
Odacité Mask leaves your pores visibly refined and free of blemishes.
Results : Reduces the outbreak of blemishes – Unclogs blocked pores – Draws out toxins – Removes excess sebum – Fights acne – Tightens and reduces pores – Alleviates redness – Fights allergic reactions from toxic lotions and makeup 

Synergy #2 : Peel and resurface
Papaya enzymes & fruits acids
Odacité Mask sloughs off dead skin cells, encouraging fresh new ones to the surface for a fresh, healthy glow.
Results : Exfoliates skin and removes dead cells – Rejuvenated tone and texture – Refreshed and vibrant complexion – Better absorption of all products – Reduced appearance of scars – Regenerates skin tissue.

Synergie #3 : Brighten and even out skin tone
Vitamin C & enzymes
Odacité Mask fades hyperpigmentation and prevents brown spots, revealing a radiant and even skin tone.
Results : More even and radiant complexion – Visibly reduced skin discoloration – Brightens overall skin tone – Reduced sun damage

Synergie #4 : Firm
Probiotics & vitamin C
Odacité Mask works to boost collagen synthesis, providing the skin with the support it needs to stay firm and youthful.
Results : Firmer, more youthful skin – Toned skin – Redefined facial contours – Reduced fine lines and wrinkle

We love : You can customize your skin treatment mask by adding simple ingredients to the formula, refer to the Beauty Recipe Guide included in the box !

Now also available in Sachet Box (choose when adding to your basket) : each box includes 7 deluxe size travel sachets of the Synergie[4] Beauty Masque. This set is perfect for frequent travelers or to try out the masque before committing to purchasing the full size.

Key ingredients

  • Papaya – hydrates and antioxidant ; rich in enzymes that prevent and help eliminate brown spots
  • Bamboo charcoal – rich in activated carbon and minerals; extraordinary absorption power ; antioxidant
  • Vitamin C – neutralizes free radicals; reduces appearance of premature aging due to environmental damage
  • AHA – expedites skin’s natural process of shedding surface dead cells and replacing them with fresh cells; normalizes skin
  • Kaolin – absorbs the excess of sebum and purifies; rich in essential minerals
  • Bentonite clay – draws out impurities by electrical attraction

Organic and gluten free skin perfecting face mask for all skin types.


100% of ingredients from natural origin


Kaolin  Clay,  Bentonite  Clay,  Papain  Powder  [Papaya  Enzymes], Lactobacillus Acidophilus [Probiotics], Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate [Vitamin  C],  Activated  Charcoal, Tartaric  Acid  [Aha  Fruit  Acid], Malic  Acid  [Fruit  Acid].

*Highest-grade cold-pressed oil   ** certified organic ingredient

Directions for use

Directions for use

Mix 1.5 tea spoon of Odacité Synergie[4] mask powder with 1 tea spoon of water.
Apply a thin layer all over face avoiding the eye area.
Leave for 10-15 minutes, until dry and rinse off with water.

Tip : You can customize your Odacité Mask : for example, apple cider vinegar to boost detoxification, lemon juice to enhance the fruit acid effect, organic milk to ease away brown spots or yogurt to enhance probiotic effect. 

Use once a week


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