LE PURE - Natural skincare treatments set Transform

Transform Treatment Set - Acne / Hyperpigmentation / Seborrheic Dermatitis

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LE PURE organic acne treatment set

The treatment set Transform by LE PURE contains a complete natural and clean anti-aging beauty ritual to treat skin with the following characteristics: 

  • Acne
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Seborrheic Dermatitis
Content of LE PURE Transform set
  • Alpha Tonic (15ml)
    A high performance firming prebiotic treatment that purifies, brightens and balances the skin’s microbiota. 
  • Nectar Immortel (15ml)
    A skin transforming lifting elixir extra-rich in natural hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, peptides, and resveratrol.
  • Midnight Rejuvenation (15ml)
    An overnight antiaging ally for all skin types that visibly regenerates, firms, resculpts and balances skin.
  • Instant Liberation (15ml)
    A cream-like formula skin-transforming mask that acts as a weekly reset button or as a daily life saver for problem skin : this all natural overnight leave on treatment rejuvenates the skin, treating acne, impurities, open or clogged pores, unbalanced skin, pigmentation and flaccidity.
  • Way to Radiance (15ml)
    This cream combines the purest, raw, edible antiaging superfood in a revolutionary emulsion that hydrates, balances, activates microcirculation and cellular regeneration, treats wrinkles and expression lines.


Ingredients :

See each LE PURE product page for detailled INCI ingredients list.


See each LE PURE product page for complete directions of use


Le PURE creates potent skin-transforming superfood potions packed with high-vibrational, certified organic plant bio-actives for quick and visible results.

Scientist and cosmetologist Marie Carrasquedo, founder of LE PURE with Julia Atzesberger, has investigated during 45 years to create a cream that contains 100% active unaltered natural ingredients. The result is a revolutionary organic emulsion that penetrates the deep layers of the skin and restores its elasticity from the inside at the origin of all LE PURE clean and natural beauty products.

Each LE PURE antiaging formula is based on the healing powers of medicinal plants and contain the highest grade, raw, nutrient-dense superfood for the skin with absolute concentration thanks to a unique manufacturing process that preserves all rejuvenating plant nutrients

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