D-Lab - 100% natural tan boost food supplement for the skin

Active Sun Complex - Tan enhancer & extender

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D-Lab tanning activating supplement 

D-Lab Active Sun Complex is a true tanning sublimator with a natural self-tanning action.

Ideal to tan more by exposing less, or to maintain its tanned complexion without sun !

Its concentrated formula works in 3 steps:

  • Activates and prolongs the tan

    Natural Carotenoids are titrated in vitamin A to promote healthy and golden skin, copper contributes to optimal skin pigmentation and the carrot extract is popular for optimizing tanning

  • Color epidermis

    An innovative ultra-concentrated formula from apricot extract, pomegranate, turmeric and paprika, astaxanthin, a natural pigment belonging to the carotenoid family and Vichy salts known to promote "Bright Complexion"

  • Nourishes and protects skin tissues

    Lycopene in tomatoes is an anti-radical that promotes the protection of the skin from sunlight, the Asthaxantine protects from skin damage caused by UV, Vitamins B2 and B8 help maintain healthy skin and Selenium and blackcurrant extracts are rich in antioxidants, well known to protect the skin against free radicals responsible for premature skin aging

Tanning food supplement 100% natural.


100% of all ingredients are from natural origin


Apricot : 120mg
Curcuma : 80mg
Paprika : 60mg
Carrot : 60mg
Beta Carotene (included vitamin A) : 47.9mg (0.8mg)
Pomegranate (included ellagic acid) : 40mg (16mg)
Vichy thermal salts : 40mg
Blackcurrant : 20mg
Lycopene from tomato : 10mg
Astaxanthin : 10mg
Copper : 2mg
B2 Vitamin : 1.4mg
Selenium : 55µg
B8 Vitamin : 50µg
Vegetable cellulose capsule.

Directions for use

Directions for use

1 capsule daily with a large glass of water.
First effects 
Visible after the first sun exposition 
Renewal of the cure 
Start treatment 10 days before the first exposure, continue during the exposure period and extend the treatment 10 to 15 days when you return to maintain the tan.
Glass bottle of 28 capsules of marine origin, 28-day cure


D-Lab is a professional nutricosmetics laboratory for made in France and natural beauty food supplements.


Formulated by health and beauty experts, D-Lab's cosmetic capsules are packed with natural and powerful ingredients to provide an internal resource that helps each woman unlock and nourish her natural beauty.


Designed to target specific needs in the daily beauty routine and providing transformative results, the D-Lab cosmeto-food works from the inside-out for comprehensive, long-lasting action.

D-lab natural efficient beauty food supplements


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