John Masters Organics - Bamboo round hair brush for brushing
John Masters Organics

Medium Round Brush

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John Masters Organics round brush for brushing

A professional quality brush made of light and ecological bamboo to make your hair shiny, silky and disciplined.

The ergonomics of the John Master Organics medium round brush makes brushing easy and eliminates frizz : the different lengths of boar and nylon bristles grip the hair perfectly during brushing to smooth down cuticles and reduce static electricity.

The ceramic body of the John Masters Organics' brush heats up quickly to dry hair faster and protect it.

Dimensions: 25 mm



Bamboo, boar and nylon bristles

Bamboo is a natural product, so handle color may vary. 

John Masters Organics is committed to the ethical treatment of animals. No animals have been killed or injured to manufacture these brushes.



  • Wrap sections of damp hair around the ceramic-coated barrel
  • Gently pull the brush out while drying with a downward pointed nozzle and style as usual
  • To clean brush, manually remove hair and lint from bristles and rinse bristles in warm water mixed with any John Masters Organics body wash or shampoo, then air dry

John Masters Organics

Super Natural Beauty for your hair and your skin.
A luxury organic beauty line that treats the earth with respect, always natural, always earth-friendly, and always with your beauty and health in mind with a mix of natural genius and simple human common sense. 
We only get one body, and we only get one planet. Why not treat them both with the utmost care?

John Masters Organics grew out of John Masters' desire to create a luxury beauty line that treats the earth with respect. Feel good about looking good !


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