Madara - Infinity Care System natural anti ageing products with probiotics collection set

Infinity Care System Collection Set

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Madara organic anti ageing skin care expert set

Unleash your skin’s infinite immunity potential with this all inclusive set for any type of skin. For your most confident skin ever!

Biotechnology has transformed the Northern plants timeless wisdom into this immunocompetent organic skin care products to empower your skin like never before : more effective responses to outer challenges and improved skin’s overall condition.

Madara Infinity Care System collection set contains :

  • Infinity Drops Immuno-Serum (full size - 30ml)
    This concentrated serum enhances the four major factors of skin’s immunity : moisture barrier, immunocompetent cells, microbiome and antiradical activity in order to improve your skin’s overall condition, texture and appearance. 

  • Infinity Mist Probiotic Essence (full size - 100ml)
    This hyaluronic acid lotion instantly refreshes and tones the skin, delivering lasting hydration and comfort with healthy glow.

Natural probiotics skincare collection set for all skin types.



To know complete INCI ingredient list of each Madara product, refer to each product page.


Directions for use

To know how to use each Madara product, refer to each product page.


Madara comes from Northern Europe where Lotte, Liene, Zane and Paula have combined their passion and skills to create and produce a complete and innovative range of natural beauty products.


Over thousands of years the harsh and cold northern climate of Latvia has evolved plants with extraordinary properties. Those deep roots, bitter leaves and gnarled barks contain potent actives that make the high efficiency of Madara organic skincare.


Madara is the luxury of raw, pure and precious natural ingredients refined to their highest potential.

Madara natural skincare
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