Ilapothecary - Antioxidant Digital Face Mist with amethyst and vitamin B12

Digital Face Mist

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Ilapothecary natural anti blue light face mist

Digital Face Mist is an enlivening, remedial facial spritz which reboots both your skin and mind. This natural, vitamin and plant rich mist acts like a wake-up wonder water.

High in antioxidant and free radical-scavengers, helping to stimulate cellular detoxification protecting from inflammation, and helping to prevent photoaging. Ilapothecary digital mist also helps counteract the negative effects of your phone, computer or other digital devices.

Numerology : the number 32 is all about communication and self-expansion. It holds an energy which allows you to harness creativity and harmony.  

Key ingredients
  • Amethyst – stimulates collagen synthesis, contributes to tissue regeneration and helps slow down the ageing process
  • Vitamin B12 – anti-inflammatory and soothing ; helps to regulate skin’s pigment production (preventing hyperpigmentation – the darkening of skin)
  • Buddleja officinalis – fights ozone pollution; protects against the blue light responsible for the appearance of pigment spots
  • Rose – soothing and calming properties ; moisturizes, regenerates, decongests and rejuvenates the skin
  • Honey – promotes healing; moisturizing and emollient properties
  • Wild Soy – hydrates and boosts cell renewal

Natural digital detox face lotion for all skin types.



Rose Damascena Flower Water, Vitamin B12, Aqua, Glycerin, Glycine Soya Extract, Amethyst Powder, Mel, Propanediol and Buddleja Officinalis Flower Extract.


Directions for use

Step away from any electrical devices.
Take some deep breaths and roll your shoulders. Spritz yourself with 2-3 sprays from a comfortable distance.

Daily use, morning and evening or whenever you feel the need – especially when flying.


Ilapothecary remedies are infused with powerful natural ingredients with a long history of healing and medicinal flowers.

These age-old solutions are mixed with concentrated vitamins, plant stem cells, and - most revolutionary of all - precious homeopathic filaments distilled from powerful gem stones and pearls. Containing no chemicals and truly delivering on their promise, Ilapothecary treatments are pioneering products with a purpose.


Packed with goodness, Ilapothecary products are formulated to be two-in-one fixers and all smell incredibly uplifting and clearing to meet both physical and emotional concerns thanks to aromatherapy and numerology.


Average rating 3.5/5 , based on 2 reviews.

  1. by Cassandre - on 02/04/2021

    Malheureusement j'ai fait une réaction allergique à ce produit... C'est dommage parce que la composition est chouette et j'aime beaucoup son odeur de rose. J'ai la peau sensible et je n'ai pas du supporter un des composants mais on ne peut jamais prévoir !

    Rating : 2 sur 5

  2. by Melyssa SANCHEZ - on 03/11/2018

    J'aime avoir une brume pour hydrater et protéger ma peau et ce que j'aime en plus avec cette brume, c'est le fait qu'elle est composée de rose; parfait pour calmer les rougeurs et tonifier la peau.

    Rating : 5 sur 5

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