Less is More - Premium paddle hair brush (beech / nylon)
Less is More

Paddle brush (beech / nylon)

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Less is More natural premium hair paddle brush
white beech, nylon, natural rubber 

Professional brush made from beech* with elegant white glazing, nylon pins and natural rubber cushion. Perfect versatile brush for detangling, blow drying and for stimulating scalp massages. Relaxes hair and scalp during blow-drying and styling.

This Less is More superior brush is a sensational beauty tool for your hair : daily brush-massage of the scalp is the best you can do for your hair. It stimulates circulation, loosens and removes dandruff, natural sebum is being distributed evenly, excess sebum is being removed by the natural bristle, leaving hair beautifully luminous, conditioned and manageable.

Dimensions : heigth 24cm (handle : 11cm) x width 8cm

*FSC certified



FSC certified beech, nylon pins, natural rubber cushion 

Directions for use

Instructions 100 brush strokes
Start brushing your hair headfirst, after each stroke with the brush stroke with your hand to neutralize the generated charge.
Take 3-5 strokes on each area to reach the scalp and this way work systematically through all areas of your head. Subsequently brush back your hair in straight position. This way your hair gains natural volume and arrector muscle of the hair is stimulated.

Brush Treatment
To enjoy your brush for a long time we recommend you regular and careful cleaning.
First remove hair and dandruff from the brush, then wash your brush with a little hair shampoo in hand warm water.

Less is More

When stylist experience, biomimetics and aromatherapy combine, an innovative organic salon hair care line emerges, combining functionality, health and environmentalism with indulgent pleasure.


Less is more natural hair care products' innovative formulas exclusively contain natural ingredients, chosen for their effectivity, purity and optimal tolerance by both skin and the environment.
The targeted use of the purest essential oils optimizes the product‘s effectiveness and refines its ability to create wellness and pleasure.
Less is More now also takes care of your skin with a complete range of potent facial treatments with botanical extracts of Alpine plants and natural cosmeceutical active ingredients.


Less is More is reduction to the essential, simply luxury...

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